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  • There's a lot of talk about how good the rookies have.

  • Look, Joe Burrow has been so good in Cincinnati.

  • Herbert has been so good, and now I know it's a small sample size but very impressive from two of this past weekend.

  • What are you hearing around the sport about these rookie cubes?

  • I think it's a great young crop of quarterbacks you look at to last weekend, justifying the decision to go to him and think a lot of people wondered if the Dolphins were making the right move.

  • And clearly, when you watch him play, it looked like they were looked like they knew something that other people didn't to.

  • It was very impressive in that win.

  • Joey Borough has been fantastic this year when you watch him play and he has shown great science of the future.

  • And Justin Herbert has been probably the most impressive of the group so far to date, He looks like he's gonna be in a division with Patrick Mahomes, with those two dueling it out, and he's having similar success.

  • So what Mahomes did in his first season as a full time starter for the Chiefs.

  • Putting up those kinds of numbers.

  • He's been athletic, smart, sharp runs, throws deep balls, touch accuracy.

  • Justin Herbert is a shining star in this league, no question.

  • And I think he'd be getting more attention if he played on a team that got more attention or if they had won some of these games.

  • They've lost every single loss they have.

  • This year has been a one possession law so far.

  • So, Louis, you know where the conversation goes because you know we are professional over reactors.

  • There are legendary quarterback classes in NFL history.

  • The most famous of the mall was 1983.

  • There were six quarterbacks taken in the first round that year.

  • Three of them are in the Hall of Fame today, 2004, much more recent vintage.

  • You see them there.

  • Eli Manning, Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger all went in the 1st 11 picks.

  • I think it's a safe bet that all of them will wind up in the Hall of Fame.

  • It's obviously early to be making any sort of historical comparison, but when you look at these three guys, what do you think we're seeing the beginning of?

  • I think I think the NFL is in good hands right now.

  • As far as young quarterbacks are concerned, there's no question.

  • I think, that many of these teams have to still prove that from a total perspective, a total team perspective that they can put enough around these young players to where they start to win consistently.

  • Because all of those guys that you saw on those lists from 1983 2004, they all played on winning teams.

  • They all played on teams that made it to the Super Bowl except for Philip Rivers.

  • And that's what ultimately they're gonna be judged by.

  • That's what ultimately, all quarterbacks are judged by.

  • How good were your teams?

  • How Maney Super Bowls did you play in?

  • And how many Super Bowls did you win?

  • And look, Cincinnati has a long way to go.

  • A Sfar is building out that roster around Joe Burrow.

  • Miami, under Bryan Flores, looks as though they are on their way.

  • For sure they have the right culture.

  • They're getting better and better players, and the Chargers just had to somehow figure out a way, especially on the defensive side of the ball, to be able to close out games because Justin Herbert, where he has come from in terms of the type of offense that he ran at Oregon to then going through all the training camp, expecting Tyrod Taylor to be the starter for this year.

  • And I'm gonna sit, then getting his first starting assignment with about one minutes noticed to come out and play the way he has played.

  • That's just absolutely like insanely good how he has looked.

  • So all these guys, the sky is the limit.

  • The team just have to do right by them and make sure the rest of the roster is strong.

  • And you know what the conversation will be for a long time.

  • Nick, if these guys all do wind up being around for a long time, did they go in the right order?

  • The order in which they went was borough to a Herbert is your sense right now.

  • They went in the right order.

  • Yeah, it feels about right to me, I think, where it's a little early on to it.

  • But the way that we see Herbert playing right now, it's been astronomical.

  • I guess you could argue that maybe he's the best one of this class.

  • But I feel like Borough does not have the same support that you would want for for your young quarterback.

  • And he is still the type of guy that you drop into an organization, and now everything's looking up going forward.

  • So I think the order is probably right.

  • I like the Miami situation more than anything else.

  • So how much success they have?

  • We're talking about Super Bowls, is how we're gonna judge them.

  • Everyone knows that those Super Bowl is gonna be more dependent on everything around them than just them specifically.

  • So I suspect that the situation down there in Miami is set up for more success.

  • So I think at the end of the day, we're gonna look at two a and maybe as long as he stays healthy, he might have them the best, most accomplished career out of any of these three guys, not one way or another.

  • Certainly we're in good hands with league is in good hands with these young players.

  • Joe Burrow has taken something of a beating behind that offensive line in Cincinnati this year, but he's shown no fear.

There's a lot of talk about how good the rookies have.

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