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  • another glorious fall evening here at Augusta National Golf Club as the sun sets on Round three and Day three of the 2020 Masters, the 84th edition, this time Sunday, we should have a new Masters champion and ways looking right now.

  • Dustin Johnson.

  • It's his to give away and in north, joining me now and what we saw Saturday and it was just a ball striking clinic.

  • It was absolutely vintage how you're supposed to play golf.

  • He hit it perfectly, really.

  • The only shot that got away from him was the very last one at the 18th hole.

  • That's a really nice, nice way to just flip it up there and making eagle to get your day started.

  • He was absolutely spectacular.

  • He's number one in greens hitting Rick Regulation this week.

  • He's only missed seven greens in 54 holes.

  • That's absolutely fantastic golf.

  • A lot of work been done on D J putting game over the last several months, but he's hitting it so close.

  • Some of these birdie putts are pretty easy.

  • But how about this at the par 3/4?

  • Well, this is really one of the only long putts he's made all week long, and he was trying to lag it up there and it slips in the whole, By the way, I'm floor under after four boys come and get me.

  • And that was just putting the pressure on the field and taking the pressure off his game.

  • Here he is again from the fairway.

  • He hit every single fairway on Saturday and from there, taking dead aim at the still soft greens.

  • And they are soft and he's taking it right over the top of the flag.

  • You couldn't have played it any better, so basically made one putt and he's five under par five under on the front with three birdies and an eagle.

  • Let's go to the 15th, hit the ball in the water in the second round.

  • But this one, Andy no fear.

  • He's gotta play about a 40 yard cook with a seven iron.

  • Smart play gets it out in the biggest part of the green.

  • Now he needs just two putt coming down this hill.

  • But that is a very, very quick pot.

  • There's a ridge about halfway.

  • He's gotta just get it over that ridge and you're thinking, Oh jeez, he's left in 18th short.

  • Just hang on.

  • There's a little bit left to this one.

  • Couldn't have played it any better.

  • You will take that to putt for a birdie deejay seeking to become the first world number one to win the Masters since Tiger in 2000 and two.

  • And he also posted his 10th straight round under part the Masters that tied Tigers mark that he set back in 2000 and two and there at the last.

  • How about that?

  • Smooth as you could be for a seven under 65 to take a four shot lead?

  • I would say it's, you know, the games and and really good really good for him right now, you know, very similar to what it was, you know, back in 17.

  • Um, it's just very consistent.

  • I felt like I got a lot of control of what I'm doing.

  • Controlled by distance.

  • Well, with my flight, my shape.

  • So, um, I'm very comfortable standing over the golf ball right now, and obviously that's a really good feeling.

  • Funny.

  • D J would have the same demeanor if he was over par.

  • At this point, that's just how he is.

  • But let's give you some perspective on what's happening here.

  • Over the three days that he's put together, his score of 16 under part matches Jordan Spieth in 2015 for the lowest 54 hole score in Masters history.

  • He shot 65 twice.

  • That's the first time ever a player has done that in a single Masters tournament.

  • And he's been great at just about everything, too.

  • But leading the field this weekend, greens and regulation and par five scoring, he's played 30 straight holes without a bogey entering Sunday.

  • So that's the numbers and e give me more perspective on just how good he's playing right now.

  • I think the bottom line is that he is Aziz, saying he's in complete control.

  • When a player feels really good standing over the golf ball, he's comfortable and he can hit it.

  • Whatever height he wants it, he can curve in whatever direction he wants to curve it.

  • If he could do that, there's no chance he's gonna hit any really funky shots.

  • And if you don't do that around here with the combination, the greens have been soft, so you're not getting any wacky bounces off the edges of the greens.

  • He's in complete control.

  • The guy's gonna have to go super super low tomorrow to have any chance.

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another glorious fall evening here at Augusta National Golf Club as the sun sets on Round three and Day three of the 2020 Masters, the 84th edition, this time Sunday, we should have a new Masters champion and ways looking right now.

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