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  • all right.

  • Terence Crawford still discussing the victory with promoter Bob Arum.

  • Terrence, it was close until it wasn't.

  • What did you see that you were able to take advantage of while I was just trying to gauge the distance, You know, he had a good distance, you know?

  • And I was trying to find my rhythm in between getting my distance together on you know, That's why I was so competitive at first, I couldn't get my shots on what adjustments were you able to make to finally get to, uh, you know, unto, uh, Brooklyn?

  • Well, you know, just step forward a little more, throw a little more punches, but not too much.

  • Uh, I caught up with him a couple of times.

  • I know that you always talk about having to excel the expectations for you.

  • What you did tonight because it took Errol Spence 11 rounds of Beat him and you did it in four.

  • Does that mean anything to you?

  • Not at all.

  • You know, it was different.

  • Fights different.

  • Uh, you know, years and whatnot, but kills a tremendous talent.

  • I can't take nothing away from him.

  • He came.

  • Hey, Tried Thio, take my title.

  • He was in shape.

  • He made the weight.

  • So there was no excuses to be, uh, put on the table.

  • He just came off of three wins, not coming off of the loss.

  • So he had his confidence up and he, uh, lost to the better man than I.

  • You've been clear the names you want.

  • Our Manny Pacquiao.

  • Errol Spence.

  • How do you make that happen?

  • Yeah, let me tell you something on.

  • I mean this Spence and Garcia fighting December.

  • If I if they really want to make a big pay per view, I'll put Terence Crawford in with both of them one of the time and he beat both of them the same night.

  • He is far and away the best welterweight in the world.

  • He goes back to the great welterweights like Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns.

  • He would have been competitive with them welterweights around.

  • Now I'm not competitive with Terence Crawford and Bob, You know that what made that era great is that everybody fought everybody and you were able to make the fights with the heavy weights.

  • Deontay Wilder in Tyson Fury.

  • Twice will we see.

  • But in the ring with Errol Spence In the near future, Errol Spence will try toe avoid Terence Crawford as long as he can because he knows he can't beat Terence Crawford.

  • You saw the performance tonight?

  • I mean, he'll take out Errol Spence and about the same number of rounds like he took out Kell Brook.

  • Now we all want to see that fight.

  • I know you want that fight.

  • There was a lot written this week.

  • Where are you, Terrence?

  • In terms of your future.

  • Well, I'm looking, uh, secure.

  • Pacquiao Fight Way was close to securing the pack your fight prior to this fight, but being that the cove, it you know, it was getting out of hand.

  • The fans couldn't attend the fight, so we had to put a halt to it.

  • And that's when we decided to go with Kell Brook.

  • He was the next available known welterweight.

  • Uh, that was available to fight.

  • So now we don't go back to the john board, tryto revisit that fight with many way.

  • All know that with Pacquiao, it's money, Bob.

  • Is it all there for this fight to finally happened in 2021?

  • I know Terrence has wanted you wanted it the money was there, it had been committed.

  • It was a fight that was gonna take place in the country, in the Mideast.

  • And then the minister of health in that country said, You can't do it because I can't guarantee that will allow Spectators on.

  • It would have been this week, so he was right now they called us and they said of Terrence is successful way.

  • Wanna resume the talks and see if we can do it in the spring, either before or after Ramadan?

  • Let's say we're going to the Middle East.

  • Let's go.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Turn, Thank you.

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all right.

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Terence Crawford eyes fight with Manny Pacquiao after defending belt | Top Rank Boxing

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