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  • We've got problems in the SEC, the Southeastern Conference in college football dealing with multiple co vid outbreaks.

  • It's already impacting next Saturday's games.

  • The matchup between number one Alabama and L S U is in jeopardy after multiple positive tests within the Tigers program that oh, Geron says multiple players will be unavailable Saturday.

  • Number 24 Auburn and Mississippi State.

  • That game has been rescheduled for December 12th because of a number of positive cases within the Bulldogs program.

  • And number five Texas A and M has paused activities as a result of two positive tests.

  • The school's A D says over a dozen players will be out 14 days because of contract tracing protocols.

  • So we've got ourselves a variety of messy situations there.

  • Heather Dinners, Paul Finebaum Joining the conversation.

  • Heather, we start with you.

  • You spoke to the SEC commissioner.

  • Greg sank yesterday.

  • What did he tell you?

  • He told me greeny, that they're continuing to move forward.

  • They can't just throw their hands up in the air and not continue to try.

  • But, he said, as disruptions occur, they have to continue to react in one way.

  • That they will do.

  • That is to continue to discuss the possibility of using December 19th, which is the date of the SEC conference championship game, as a potential makeup date for other cancelations.

  • Now they haven't decided that yet.

  • The athletic director's meet today they will talk about it in a regularly scheduled weekly meeting.

  • If at some point they all agree to do that, and the presidents and chancellors agreed to do that, that could be used as a make up date to provide some more flexibility.

  • But also they would have to determine obviously their division winners ahead of time.

  • Paul put this in perspective for us.

  • What does it mean?

  • It means that this league, which has done so well, is really struggling like the whole country is, however greeny Aziz, you move forward in terms of the bigger picture, Heather said.

  • The SEC championship in the college football playoff.

  • I'm not sure it's going to be that significant unless you start seeing massive amounts of game.

  • If the season ended today, Alabama would meet Florida for the SEC title and if Florida won that game assuming they went out and have games to play, then they would very likely be a playoff team as Alabama would.

  • So at the moment, it's not a complete panic, but it.

  • But it was a grim couple of hours yesterday for the SEC had their you've been saying over and over again on this show.

  • When I ask you how many games does the team have to play, You keep saying, Tell me how many teams, how many games anybody is gonna wind up playing.

  • That feels like the theme of the moment, doesn't it?

  • It is.

  • That's absolutely correct.

  • I mean, you've seen Wisconsin struggle.

  • There are fortunate to be able to play at Michigan this week in the Pac 12.

  • Get in this thing with seven games.

  • Yes, because who knows how many games everyone else is going to play?

  • But the selection committee will have to consider these unbalanced schedules, regardless of how they shape up Paul.

  • Super quickly.

  • Does this mean better or worse chance of the SEC getting two teams in?

  • I think it's all dependent on Florida greeny.

  • If Florida can run the table and beat Alabama, I think there goes the SEC with two now.

  • The problem is what happens if if Notre Dame loses the claims and then you have a real conundrum with Ohio State sitting there going.

  • We're in, aren't we?

  • Yeah, I'm Ohio State.

  • It seems to me, gets one of the spots almost no matter what happens if they went out.

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We've got problems in the SEC, the Southeastern Conference in college football dealing with multiple co vid outbreaks.

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Multiple SEC football programs are dealing with COVID-19 issues | Get Up

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