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  • How do you get to the gym every day?

  • Yeah, How do you How do you change your diet?

  • How do you overcome fear of failure, Fear of success or or fear of fear itself?

  • Believing in yourself is the first secret to success.

  • You have to find your inner passion, the thing that wakes you up in the morning, The thing that you think about all day, the thing that you wish you were getting paid for.

  • Once you find it, you need to believe you could do it.

  • Could I become committed to the process of what I was doing without being emotionally attached to the results of what I was doing?

  • In other words, if I didn't get what I thought I was gonna get, can I still sure would be just a dedicated Justus committed in just his own fire, as I was at Day one, right, Because everybody knows how to respond when they get what they're supposed to get and things go the way it's supposed to go.

  • I think that's the reason, the quote says.

  • You judge the character of a person, not by where they stand in times of comfort and convenience.

  • you judge the character of a person about where they stand in times of challenge and controversy.

  • You got some of the most brilliant people on the face of this planet.

  • When they hear that version, they can't fight themselves out of a paper bag.

  • And it's not even that they don't have the will like they got it is that the perspective about the adversity isn't right, And I firmly believe perspective drives performance every day of the week.

  • How an individual view what they do will always affect how they do what they do.

  • They can't understand why they're trying to pull you down, but you're still rising, but they don't want to see you make it.

  • But you're still driving you still living good, you're still eating well.

  • They tried everything they know to pull you away, but you just keep getting closer and closer and closer to your goal and your breakthrough, no matter what happened, never stopped believing in yourself.

  • It is the strongest factor up success.

  • Self esteem is everything believe you deserve it.

  • Believe you can do it.

  • Believe you have the ability believe you are on the right path.

  • Believe you'll get it And most importantly, believe in yourself.

  • You gotta take my life before you take my drive.

  • I wasn't working just to be a great football player.

  • I wanna be a great man.

  • I wanna be a great father for my Children E I wanna be a great husband for my wife.

  • I wanna be a great servant in the world I don't want When adversity of rain comes I'm the guy I was great before the adversity But the moment adversity hit I never turned back to to form I don't wanna be that person That's great when everything is going on good But when something goes wrong they flee And they want nothing to do with it I wanna be that person that's gonna show a rain, sleet or snow And they're gonna give you everything they got You gotta take off arrogance You gotta take off pride You gotta take off envy on sometimes you gotta lose What's with you Got have in all Get your best square your shoulders, man Walk like you Somebody talk like somebody You see My dreams and ambitions are what drive me They keep me moving in a direction Motivation gets me there Faster.

  • You see, you can look for outside motivation but this won't sustain you unless you have an inner desire.

  • You don't know how close you are to success.

  • So why stop now?

  • You've come so far, so why give in now?

  • You are a champion.

  • We're just waiting for your time to shine.

  • Keep pushing the same as you've always been doing.

  • You should never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about.

  • Don't quit on your passion.

  • Don't give up on your dreams.

How do you get to the gym every day?

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