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  • in China there is a village where women have small feet so small on iPhone is bigger than them So small even kids have bigger feet.

  • What is this village and why is this happening that is obtained left in the world?

  • Wow!

  • Really Only 10 There are no longer around.

  • When I was in China I heard about a village with small feet.

  • I couldn't believe it So I took the first flight out to go see it for myself.

  • E o e left the rich part of China and landed here in a farming village where mostly poor people live E many off them have never seen a foreigner before We were the Onley tourists in town What's up?

  • You Hey Oh, We walked around the village looking for women with small feet and unfortunately we couldn't find any way knocked on doors and people didn't want to talk to us And other people told us that women have died Have been they are no longer a way almost gave up and headed home until we saw a small room with a grandma and her son Inside Her name was Fuji Pang way.

  • She was 95 years old, but her feet looked like they belonged to a five year old.

  • Turns out she is the one we came toe look for.

  • She's one of 10 people in the entire village still alive with this kind of feet in ancient China.

  • If you wanted to be a beautiful woman, you had to get small feet so mothers would crush the feet off their daughters intentionally for years so that they stop growing so they remain small.

  • In ancient China, this was considered.

  • It's beautiful.

  • It's a status symbol.

  • Feet three inch small and you become the golden lotus.

  • 60 years has been She erupted for 60 60 years.

  • She did for 60 years.

  • Yeah.

  • So why are we thank you?

  • Shake high, soothe Theun.

  • Plus, she started to wrap her feet.

  • So maybe that's why she couldn't achieve that Really small.

  • It doesn't make sense to us now, but 40 to 50% off.

  • All women in China were forced toe have small feet for the rest of their lives.

  • Surprised?

  • This was considered beautiful e eyes.

  • The booth top of the foot looks kind of bulbous.

  • You know what I mean?

  • Luckily, this tradition ended 90 years ago.

  • Most women with small feet have passed away on the last small shoe factory closed in 1999.

  • Tom and Sujatha Reddy Hammy Theo Tradition may have died, but there are many others that continue to exist To this day.

  • Women still have to change their body toe look beautiful in China, they make feet small.

  • In Britain, they make the waste small.

  • And in America they make the breasts big.

  • So many painful ways for women toe look beautiful in our society.

  • Just crazy.

  • E can't believe that just happened in the meeting with Fuji, Pang was eye opening toe all of us because the price women paid and continue to pay is high.

  • The price off beauty is painful.

  • The price off beauty is unnecessary.

  • Let us change standards off beauty today.

  • So our kids in the future can just be themselves.

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in China there is a village where women have small feet so small on iPhone is bigger than them So small even kids have bigger feet.

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The Village of Small Feet

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/14
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