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Ha, I'm the master of veggie foods.
Aye! My poor garden.
Oi! What a mess!
This bean is in the task to keep those basket ninjas away from my garden.
Wanna buy some chia, Pucca? Guaranteed to boost your chi
Hey, Ssoso. How about a cup for Sooga's kungfu master?
Owww... Where did Abyo go? He owns me for that drink.
Hey, Pucca. Have you seen Abyo? I wanna show him my new swords.
Oh, wow, nice flower.
Abyo? Good question.
Abyo! I was just looking for you.
Ow, how rude!
Friends who walk away while friends are speaking are truly not friends at all. And further more...
I can't find Won.
I think I found her.
It must be raining outside.
Aww. My clothes are dry-clean only. Now they're gonna... shrink.
You call that a tip? That's a lump of coal for you, buddy. Ho, ho, ho.
Does it feel cold in here to you?
What do you think?
Hey, Garu. What's going on?
I need to get home soon or my dad's gonna be mad.
Ew.. Disgusting!
Phew! We're safe. Oh, pretty flower.
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[Vietsub - Engsub] Pucca Và Hoa Ăn Thịt Người

1288 Folder Collection
Tina Piger published on June 26, 2014
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