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  • Thank you.

  • Thank you.

  • Simply put, this is the year of Galaxy five G.

  • It begins right now in 2020 right here with the galaxy s 20.

  • A powerful camera.

  • We spent months asking thousands of smartphone users across the world when it came to camera, what mattered most.

  • And no matter who we asked or where they lived, we got the same answer.

  • Quality, quality, quality.

  • So we rebuild the galaxy s twenties entire camera system to change the way we capture at 64 megapixels as twenties revolutionary camera system takes smartphone photography to the next level.

  • So when you need a crop, an image don't worry.

  • As twenties resolution is so sharp that even when you do crop, your photo remains crisp and clear.

  • When you need to get closer or want the subject to be the only thing in the frame you need zoom With galaxy s 20 space zoom, you could get up to 30 times closer with single take mode.

  • S 20 uses a I to capture different versions of that exact same moment, using each of its different cameras.

  • Just take a short clip up to 10 seconds and single take captures different versions of that game winning goal.

  • Then, when you're done, shooting gives you a handful of those best shots so you can pick your favorites in your galaxy.

  • Has 20 uses a I to make it even easier to keep your photos organized groups your content.

  • Making your gallery easier to navigate and also lets you create subgroups to organize your photos however you want.

  • But we know that photos are only one part of the camera experience.

  • More and more, we're using video to communicate.

  • For years, Samsung has led the market a k TV technology, and today we're bringing that expertise to mobile thanks toe as twenties super high resolution, you can capture videos in stunning eight K.

  • A.

  • K is the future video, and now you can shoot it yourself right from your phone.

  • In fact, we built an entire ecosystem.

  • You can shoot footage from the camera in your pocket, upload it to YouTube over five g network and use tap you to cast it to your ATC led TV, record a video, then scroll through the footage to find the perfect moment.

  • And with a single click, you'll get a 33 megapixel still photo with amazing resolution.

  • You can crop any frame and always get a high quality picture with pro mode.

  • You can adjust aperture exposure and settings that you'd usually have control over with a DSLR.

  • We even enhanced super steady mode so you can take sharper videos on the go.

  • Thanks to AI motion analysis and an anti rolling stabilizer.

  • Got a powerful processor and all day battery.

  • And thanks to the galaxy s twenties incredible storage capacity up to a terabyte and a half.

  • Using a micro SD card, you'll have plenty of room for all your favorite photos and videos.

  • With S 20 you can share files with upto five friends at the same time without even having to pay your devices.

  • Every incredible innovation you've heard about so far from a K video to promote to sharing is available on all three models of the galaxy s 20 Siris for the people won't even mawr of serious professional photographers, you need the best of the best.

  • We're proud to introduce the galaxy s 20 ultra.

  • This device has the largest, most powerful image sensor we've ever put on a smartphone.

  • You want high resolution?

  • It has an unbelievable 108 megapixel ai camera so you can capture scenes with a level of detail you've never experienced with a camera this high quality.

  • You don't just get one picture, zoom in any one part and a new world comes to light.

  • You practically get a photo albums worth of detail in a single shot.

  • S 20 Ultra takes multiple frames using software, along with hardware to merge them all into one high quality photo.

  • And it does it all in 1/10 of a second, much faster than any smartphone out there.

  • This technology, combined with the bright night sensor, means you'll get bright, accurate pictures even in low light.

  • This phone takes some of the best, brightest photos I've ever seen.

  • That's because Samsung's pioneering known abating technology combines nine pixels into one all the sensor level using AI.

  • That just means that each pixel is larger than ever before and can capture three times more light in every image that's 20.

  • Ultra comes in advanced, cutting edge zoom function.

  • See for camera, zoom usually need more focal length, which means a bulkier device.

  • But when it comes to smartphones, that isn't a great option.

  • You want the device to stay as thin as possible, so we built it with a folded lens.

  • When the light enters the tele lens, it's refracted at an angle, producing a powerful zoom effect.

  • The folded lens allows for up to 10 X hybrid optic zoom.

  • Now multiply that with a 10 X digital zoom and you can magnify shot upto 100 times.

  • That's what you'd expect from a telescope.

  • That's great.

  • Let me show you.

  • Okay, All right, Here we go.

  • Let's see it.

  • Well, wow.

  • Whoa, That's crazy cameras.

  • Or how we turn moments into memories.

  • And that goes for this show too, as TM mentioned earlier, were streaming today's event with s 20 devices.

  • Give it up for the camera crew.

  • Pretty incredible.

  • But the galaxy s 20 Google do will be natively integrated right into your contacts and phone and messages.

  • We've worked with Google to integrate their software with our hardware, bringing new duo features to galaxy smartphones, starting with the S 20 and the Galaxy Z flip.

  • That includes our wide angle camera so you can chat in landscape both and get more people in the shop.

  • It also includes full HD video chatting with galaxy s twenties lightning fast five g so you can get a clear connection with no frictional agency.

  • However, with five g s, 20 takes gaming toe a whole new level.

  • The displays on all three s 20 models have 120 Hertz refresh rate for incredibly smooth gameplay.

  • We also double the touch response rates weaken game with less touch lag.

  • After all, when you're right around the corner from that finish line, that split second can make all the difference, and it's all thanks to the processor.

  • DS 20 also comes with up to 16 gigabytes of RAM, and it's powered by next generation memory technology Samsung L P D D R.

  • Five with 30% faster data access speeds and much as much as 20% less power usage than before.

  • This year we are extending that partnership to gaming with Xbox.

  • Xbox game studio is bringing forth a street to smartphones for the very first time across Galaxy Devices and the Microsoft rich history and Jamie, we are working closely together to create a premium cloud based game streaming experience.

  • From March 6, you could get a galaxy S 20 of your old starting at 9.

  • 99.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • And all three models will be available in blazing Fast five G.

Thank you.

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