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  • Saturday night.

  • 10.

  • Eastern on ESPN.

  • The 2020 debut for ESPN.

  • Number one ranked pound for pound fighter in the world.

  • Terence Crawford, His opponent.

  • That is.

  • Kell Brook, fighting as a welterweight for the first time since losing his title in this division over three years ago.

  • And ESPN is pound for pound number one fighter in the World.

  • Terence Crawford joins us now on SportsCenter and Terrence, this will be your first fight in 2020.

  • And with that lay off and no fans in, that's in the stands surrounding you in Vegas.

  • How have you mentally prepared for Saturday night?

  • Well, im mentally prepared.

  • Just like any other fight.

  • You know, uh, I don't feel like the fans not being here is gonna affect me any way.

  • Prepared to the best of our abilities to come in here, uh, Saturday And make sure we get the job done.

  • Get a long stare down with Brooke earlier today.

  • He's bigger than you.

  • But you have said that he will be surprised in the ring on Saturday night.

  • What did you mean when you said that?

  • Well, you know, he would be surprised.

  • Like all the rest of my opponents.

  • You know, Like I said, I'm undersized, but I believe in my strength.

  • And I believe in my power as well.

  • You know, I'm I'm not some little skinny and bones type of fighter that you can just walk over and pushed around, which is an incredible one.

  • Year 36.

  • And Oh, and you have 27 knockouts.

  • Do you still feel like you're overlooked by the public at times?

  • But I feel like the public really know who turns Crawford is.

  • That's why they put so much pressure on me fighting the best weather ways in the in the world because they know that I'm considered and they know that I'm one of the top welterweights in the world.

  • So now, earlier today, on first take here on ESPN, Brooke made ah bold statement about Saturday's fight.

  • Take a listen to this.

  • I can hit very hard, you know?

  • And I'm very accurate.

  • Samos, Samos, Crawford.

  • I've got a good job, and I'm gonna need to be the best I've ever bean.

  • So I'm gonna be fully focused on a no, totally, totally focused on on Terence Crawford on, uh, you know, this is this is my time training has gone absolutely perfect the way it's bang on.

  • So I'm gonna take care of the weight Friday and and take care of Crawford.

  • Sattler.

  • Okay, Brooke comes in with a ton of experience, Your reaction to him saying he's going to take care of business on Saturday.

  • Well, I love it, you know.

  • That's what he posed, Thio say.

  • That's how you posted, uh, coming toe one of the biggest fights of his career.

  • He posted feel like he's, uh, going to do everything in his power toe.

  • Dethrone me.

  • But, uh, it's not gonna happen.

  • Not not this weekend.

  • It's not.

  • There's plenty of steak here this weekend.

  • A potential super fight with Errol Spence could be down the road.

  • He faces Danny Garcia in December.

  • Now this will be spent his first fight since a devastating car accident last year.

  • Why is it important to you that you face Spence when he's 100% healthy down the road?

  • Because I don't want any excuses?

  • You know, I don't want any type of, uh, downplaying my victory or whatnot in, uh, I feel like he deserved that right to be 100% well I could tell you.

  • No one's downplaying you, Terrence.

  • Looking forward to your main event.

  • That is Saturday night on ESPN.

  • Thanks for joining us.

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Saturday night.

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Terence Crawford reacts to Kell Brook's comments on First Take, previews fight | SportsCenter

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