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  • Wow, e have a question for you.

  • Who do you think would win in a battle royale between the seven, The superheroes from the Amazon original Siri's The Boys on Lee on Prime Video?

  • Well, that's what we're here to find out in an upcoming special edition and extra episode of Death Metal, a Train Queen Maeve, the deep, Translucent Starlight Black noir homeland, er, Earth's most mighty champions of the Innocent.

  • They are the seven.

  • It's their job, toe end crime in America and watch Over the world, led by this country's righteous savior homeland Er, Now we already know he's far more powerful than the others, so his participation in today's simulated battle will be a bit different.

  • He can survive every known weapon on the planet, and most nukes these days reached 1.5 megatons of TNT.

  • He can fly faster than an F 16 Fighting Falcon and throw a baseball into orbit, but he doesn't really need to do much when his laser vision can slice up a whole room of villains and seconds.

  • Some might say that's lazy, but I call it efficient.

  • Also, the always makes time for selfies with the fans.

  • That's a rail American hero.

  • But our friends that bought control over 200 other superheroes so you can bet your dig the rest of the seven are the cream of the crop.

  • There's no better example of heroics than Queen made.

  • A long time veteran of the team, she's super strong and an expert fighter.

  • She can power through a ton of pain, like when all the bones in her arms shattered while saving a school bus full of kids.

  • She's bulletproof armored van proof and ego proof with the biggest heart on the team.

  • She'll never leave an innocent person behind.

  • Wait, Hold up.

  • Did they just leave all those people to die?

  • What, Of course not, It's It's fine.

  • Don't look at that.

  • No, Where's look?

  • They just abandon them all stopping That's so messed up that they were superheroes who sticks up.

  • They'll hear you.

  • Thank you for watching our program come back later to learn about the villains and how our heroes will undoubtedly defeat them in the upcoming battle.

  • Royal.

  • This will not interfere with it previously expected death battle schedule.

  • Also, do not forget to watch the Amazon original.

Wow, e have a question for you.

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Homelander & the Seven star in DEATH BATTLE!

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/14
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