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  • way live on this incredible, unfamiliar blue planet.

  • Three ocean is this magical, complex, beautiful blaze.

  • But almost nobody sees it.

  • Theo, Ocean protects us.

  • It feeds us yet if you can see how beautiful and powerful.

  • But it could be way Don't see we don't connect with way need Thio look so that we can change that.

  • The diversity of life in the ocean is like no terrestrial place on earth.

  • Biodiversity is the collection of life in all its shapes and forms.

  • Way depend on biodiversity for clean water and air for food and medicine on for the overall resilience of our planet's way Ato, heart of all of this diversity in the ocean is one of the most amazing ecosystems on our planet.

  • Coral reefs.

  • When you look at a coral reef, what you see is really cathedral like it's ah, huge structure curls.

  • They compete for space so they grow side by side, one on top of the other that now creates space for other organisms to live in.

  • Sadly, biodiversity in our oceans is declining rapidly.

  • We're losing species before we even discover them thing on coral reefs higher than normal ocean temperatures, air causing the corals to turn white and die.

  • Sustained high temperatures stress out the coral animals enough to expel their Sim Beyonce, which are a type of specialized algae that live in the coral tissues and provide food for their coral host.

  • When these algae are gone, you can see through the clear coral animals to their white calcium carbonate skeleton, hence the term bleaching.

  • So the major threats to coral reefs are those associated with climate change.

  • And so the responsibility to protect coral reefs is not limited to the people that live right beside them.

  • We need to raise our voices for more sustainable practice and walk the talk when it comes to our individual choices regarding sustainability.

  • As consumers, scientists have been carefully observing coral reefs for decades.

  • These ongoing monitoring programs have measured dramatic declines.

  • Living coral cover has decreased by about 50% in the last 50 years.

  • Yeah, yeah, mhm.

  • Much of this change occurred during the global bleaching event from 2015 to 2017, which was unprecedented in scale and severity.

  • So, for me, is a scientist.

  • Witnessing firsthand the coral bleaching in 2016 was really life changing, but it wasn't until I saw it with my own eyes, being out at sea and traveling hundreds of miles every day and seeing the same image of devastation time after time.

  • That's when it really hit home.

  • How disasters this event really WAAS.

  • What people need to know is they are a part of nature and as part of nature, they depend on coral reefs.

  • Education is everything, and we failed toe educate people that they are deeply indebted.

  • What I find most hopeful is our youth in their position towards climate change.

  • While many of our national leaders still choose to conveniently ignore the harsh realities of climate change, young people generally seem to get the issue accepted as effect and want to tackle this global threat.

  • The ocean is something that can protect itself.

  • It just doesn't have the voice.

  • I think the thing that gives me the most hope for the future and for our planet is the expansion of the global movement.

  • It's really beautiful to see these kids completely transformed and get ready to take on these global problems.

  • Coral reefs are miraculously places I'm not talking about.

  • Life in these ecosystems can reproduce and persevere in amazing ways.

  • Yeah, girls can replenish themselves through mass spawning events Each year, when billions of gametes are released after sunset and around the full moon.

  • The resulting larvae can drift with the water to settle and grow new corals on degraded reefs.

  • There's tremendous healing power that's built into the genetics into the evolution of coral reefs.

  • And if we give them half a chance, they can recover the ocean.

  • Grant you that kind off magical feeling that the land cannot really offer you If we take it in a romantic way, the ocean is is gonna remain my first love.

  • No.

  • When you see the beauty and magic of the ocean is closely yeah, How could you not want to protect it?

  • Yeah, well, I truly believe that the ocean doesn't divide us, that it's a way of connecting all of us.

  • It's not too big a problem, and we can solve it.

  • We've managed systems from the brink of extension waken do anything.

  • We just have toe, allow ourselves toe, begin and get busy.

  • You and I start today.

  • That will make a difference on if we talked to 10 other people who will start today that will make a difference.

  • Way will And we can start a movement.

  • There's so much magic on this blue planet.

  • You just have to look for it and take people along with you.

  • The oceans too Good not to share.

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • Mhm.

  • Mhm.

way live on this incredible, unfamiliar blue planet.

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