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  • Okay.

  • You see, Mia Mia, Your a big kid now.

  • Too big for your now.

  • Now, can I count on you to to help me a pack up the rest of her old toys?

  • We'd be happy to bet your be great because we need to make room in here for a fun surprise.

  • Surprise me.

  • A great job.

  • Mia Mia, Did you bring me?

  • Is old toys to Casey.

  • When you're done, she's going to give them to the babies in the nursery to take to their forever.

  • Homes were on it.

  • Let's get packing.

  • Every baby is gonna love it.

  • It's the joy of toys Twisted, rolling, shaking Hug it It's the joy of toys I'm so bitchy I can't bear it because I just can't wait to share it Oh, boy, it's joy choice Oh, baby, A quack in the box for door Hand me down Transfer Chip me a set of blocks Forget and about Bob working financing stuff.

  • Come on, Henry.

  • A Pedro scoops and chew chew train.

  • Thanks to me, you for providing it.

  • Every baby's gonna love it.

  • It's enjoy of choice bound way.

  • It's enjoy of toys.

  • Three babies got have one so come on, everybody, Grab one booth Choice E e me and toy toy.

  • They were your toys, Mia, But now they belong to these beauty Woody, little baby.

  • Wait, There's still one more tweet in the box.

  • No.

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • No, I think e Can you keep that stuff young?

  • Yeah.

  • Look at that.

  • Mia gave luck to her now.

  • Yeah, I'm not so sure.

  • Mia gave lucky her.

  • Nan.

  • Yo, she seems kind of sad.

  • You're right.

  • I think me and misses her old toys.

  • Oh, I know you gave them away, But you've got something even better.

  • My oh, buddy.

  • Boxing fucky Nias toys.

  • Poor Mia.

  • We've gotta cheer this little fluff ball up.

  • Maybe we can do something to take her mind off her old toys until the baby's bring them to their forever homes.

  • Yeah.

  • Then she'll forget all about them.

  • Hey, Mia, Those old toys are for little babies.

  • Remember?

  • How about we do something for big kids like you?

  • Like a brave kitty's story, boys Kitty Brave kitty and her fearless friends, the kitten Kaboodle crew bravely explored the Jingle jungle together.

  • They bravely hopped over the slippery rocks on bravely swam under the leafy vines Swim, swim, swim!

  • This story is totally making me.

  • You forget about her old toys.

  • Mia's thing Kitten Kaboodle Crew bravely climbed twisty, twirly vines climb until they saw something up ahead.

  • They couldn't quite make it out so they weren't closer, closer and closer.

  • What do you think it was?

  • Me?


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