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  • Yeah, A big fat Indian wedding has been slimmed down.

  • Numbers can run into the thousands, but in times of cove, it rules in Delhi only allow for up to 200 guests.

  • Mhm a Z.

  • India's peak marriage season begins cases arising the country's wealthiest still finding ways to celebrate safely.

  • Mhm.

  • All the guests which had been invited here.

  • All my stuff on the people are working for us.

  • They all.

  • They have the Kobe test done before coming to this function because they were just a negative.

  • So they're easily be hugging each other.

  • They are getting close to each other, and they can enjoy the small, intimate wedding.

  • Thes scenes are far from intimate.

  • As Million's prepare to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali, shoppers have bean thronging at some of Delhi's markets.

  • The fabric of this nation is built on social connections, but this quieter market revisited there was no appetite for a second lock down.

  • Even his cases climb.

  • It's very proudly outside, so we are also little tensed whether to go or not.

  • But it's okay we should happen.

  • It's a festival with cases rising.

  • Do you think there should be a lot down.

  • No, there should not be a log down anymore now, because there are a number of cases which are getting recovered.

  • This increased.

  • People are retired off all this.

  • People want to get out off the home.

  • This is the time when we can step out.

  • But shoppers aren't stepping out like they usually do.

  • Traders told me they're struggling this duvally.

  • Can I come in for some things?

  • Be making puppets all her life?

  • The craft handed down through generations, but never before has a generation had to deal with coronavirus.

  • For us, poor people, there is no Devil e, she tells me.

  • We've gone bankrupt.

  • We've been suffering for the last eight months.

  • We can't afford food or clothes.

  • There's no safety net for millions of this nation's fall.

  • That's why so far the government resisted.

  • A second national locked down the balance between protecting people from hardship protecting their health comes at a price.

  • Covert cases arising record levels in Delhi.

  • I see you beds are fast running out and pollution related illnesses are also fueling the demand, doctors have told the BBC, India's capitals heading towards a medical emergency.

  • I am extremely, extremely worried, right now it's a horrible time.

  • I see their full.

  • If the numbers increase substantially, I shudder to think what will happen and how we will manage those cases with the volley around the corner prayers that the worst isn't to come.

  • This temple has security guards to enforce social distancing.

  • But doctors warn that if Indians don't remain vigilant, this festival season celebrations could be short lived with unified dinars on BBC News Deli.

Yeah, A big fat Indian wedding has been slimmed down.

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