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  • Yeah.

  • Look at everybody.

  • We spent the last three years sailing up and down the Mediterranean from Greece to Spain via Tunisia and then back Thio Turkey last year.

  • At the moment we're anchored off the south coast of New Yorker in Spain.

  • It's just so nice to be able to have a dream so long and then achieve it way actually met when we were working as flotilla skippers in Greece and Croatia on for Tila skippers of people who take other people around on boats and show them various places way UK.

  • And we decided then and there that one day we would make it our life's ambition to sell around the world.

  • Together we had some Children their way, kept thinking about this dream and building up to it way Lucky we had some property.

  • We bought years that went up in value, and that's how we bought a boat on.

  • Then we did our houses before we came on.

  • If you got the point where we could rent it out, that's how we managed.

  • We live off very simple about e think, probably my height.

  • That was actually the only in islands which are just north of Sicily on they've all volcanic islands on.

  • Already, we could see the volcano of Stromboli or the island of Stromboli, which is about active volcano hiking up there with the kids and then being on that crater and seeing it's smoking or sulfur.

  • I found that really exciting.

  • That's the wonderful thing about the Mediterranean's got so much history, media or in monasteries in Greece, their monasteries that are built on top of rocks that stick up into the sky.

  • I think it was kind of spooky because their skulls and bones, but I really liked how the monastery was really pretty.

  • E Elder scored 40 inches, spite responsible.

  • So she kind of takes the position of first mate, our youngest.

  • He's He kind of enjoys steering on.

  • He likes to bring up the anchor.

  • Yeah, yeah, the middle one.

  • He'll be doing other things.

  • Creative stuff.

  • He's probably pretty good on the engine now.

  • Everybody's favorite places what we call the Dolphins seed writing about.

  • He feels like you're flying over the top of the water when the Dolphins join you at the bow.

  • It's an amazing feeling way the engine way.

  • I think the engine failure was When we were coming into Malta, it was panic kicks.

  • It's dark.

  • It's quite terrifying.

  • What's this?

  • Huge Boats passing by.

  • Not realizing we were there.

  • Thank you weren't allowed out, only to get food or medication.

  • Otherwise, you have to stay in your homes.

  • And for us it's on Booth.

  • People get married, settle down, have kids.

  • I think that's it.

  • That's the end of their adventures.

  • That doesn't have to be the case.

  • It just started a new chapter in your life with your kids.

  • It's that just excitement, of feeling like a free spirits.

  • Really.

  • We go where the wind takes this thing.


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Family ditches house to sail the Mediterranean full-time

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