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  • Oh, no, John, that's great.

  • I'm in Churchill, in northern Manitoba.

  • It is a small town of about 900 people situated on the southwestern shore of the Hudson Bay.

  • Churchill is pretty remote there, no roads that come here.

  • And because of that, there's this sort of beautiful sense of isolation.

  • When you're quiet, all you can hear is the shore.

  • You can hear the bay moving in and out.

  • The landscape around here is so striking, due in fact, to the really harsh climate that it exists in.

  • They're really strong winds, so the trees only grow on one side.

  • And you've got all of these smooths over rock faces that have these amazing, brightly colored likens growing on them.

  • And in between all of that, they're wildflower swinging in the wind.

  • So it's really kind of a smattering of all of these amazing bits that you wouldn't expect maybe to exist up here in such a harsh place.

  • Yeah, what's cool about Churchill in this region is that they're actually a lot of different ways to get to see wildlife in nature.

  • Around today, I get to go kayaking with the beluga whale, which is one of the most frequent visitors here in Churchill.

  • And I am thrilled these guys are here in the thousands.

  • And from what I hear, belugas are pretty quirky.

  • E mean Addy, who is a kayak guide here in Churchill.

  • And she is incredibly passionate about what she does.

  • She has grown up here and knows these animals better than anyone.

  • How maney beluga whales are around here right now.

  • So our population is the western Hudson Bay population, so it's about 68,000 on the coastline.

  • But in our area, in the river here, it's about 3 to 5000.

  • 0, my gosh.

  • So how do we approach these whales?

  • Respectfully, when we're kayaking, We're not gonna be kind of charging after the whales at all.

  • We're gonna kayak out and they're gonna come to us, so we're not gonna go find them.

  • They kind of dictate what we're doing.

  • Well, I hope some come say hello.

  • Say Well ready.

  • Yes, I'm ready.

  • Thank you.

  • Blue guys need permanently open water.

  • Thio survive, obviously because they need to breathe.

  • So in the summertime, when this is all defrosted, they come here for a number of different reasons.

  • They come to have their babies because the water is so much warmer here than it is in the bay.

  • They come here to feed, and then they come here to rub their dead skin off on the rocks because they actually showed their skin every year.

  • Oh, my God.

  • E Just saw whale face.

  • What's really kind of crazy about beluga whales is that you can hear them sort of before you see them, they're all around you coming up for air, and it's kind of like a forceful, loud sound like hide and go seek.

  • Yeah, they're really gonna hiding.

  • And then one just kind of comes right up next to your boat.

  • Yeah, I think they just want to play like this guy be chasing me.

  • He's under there.

  • Oh, wow.

  • Churchill River is chock full of beluga whales.

  • It's not like you just see one or two every 10 minutes.

  • Sometimes you get really lucky and see maybe like, five altogether playing and rolling around, and they all just kind of rotate and come close to you.

  • Everything about Churchill is about being in somebody else's world.

  • It's not our world anymore.

  • It's the whales world, and you're so aware of that when they're around you, and it's really need to put yourself under their circumstances.

  • Churchill and the area around it is full of beautiful wild things and their precious and they're special, and it's one of those places that you just have to see to understand and believe.

Oh, no, John, that's great.

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Here's where you can kayak with beluga whales in Canada

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