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  • We've all had toxic people in our lives.

  • The emotional gold diggers.

  • Oh, my God.

  • Please don't hurt me.

  • I'll give you anything you want.

  • You have money on my phone.

  • Save it.

  • I'm gonna take four hours of your undivided attention, sympathy and emotional labor.

  • Okay, the calm down crew.

  • So Jimmy's brain tumor is back.

  • And the doctor says that there's a really high chance I have to put him down because the masses spreading beyond his skull it's fine.

  • You have, like, four other cats.

  • What cancer is such a first world problem.

  • And, of course, the drama magnets.

  • I'm really sorry to hear about your break up.

  • Thanks.

  • It's been really hard, but I do wish him well.

  • Wow, you guys broke up.

  • I guess it's no surprise considering how he was acting at the party last Friday.

  • What party?

  • Exactly How is he acting exactly?

  • Oh, my God, Is he cheating on me?

  • But if we reframe it, toxic people actually give us an opportunity to better understand ourselves, improve our relationships and find that balance between holding space for another person while still honoring your own needs.

  • As we move through life, we're inevitably going to encounter various forms of toxic people, and we have to learn to accept others for who they are and wherever they're at.

  • Their behavior is not personal, because a person's behavior is a reflection of their inner world, their past trauma and their current struggles.

  • And when you recognize that toxic behavior exists because it has helped that person survive in the past, somehow you stop feeling victimized by it.

  • I mean, does that mean you have to tolerate it?

  • Absolutely not.

  • But toxicity in your life forces you to pay attention to how people make you feel and act accordingly.

  • Maybe you have to distance yourself or cut that person off completely.

  • Maybe it just means having a hard but compassionate conversation.

  • Either way, toxic people help you learn how to set your boundaries and speak up for your own needs, because ultimately we are responsible for the energy that we allow into our lives.

  • And sometimes I have to say it.

  • Sometimes you're the toxic one.

  • It happens, and before you know it, you'll realize that your behavior is a reflection of some survival mechanism that served you in the past and when other people, except US set boundaries for themselves and make space for our emotions without internalizing our behavior.

  • We can now learn how to adjust so we can grow into healthier, balanced people.

  • In all of our interpersonal relationships, toxic people are lessons to themselves and to us, so thank them and also thank you of your Bambi.

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  • Anna Squarespace It's not toxic.

We've all had toxic people in our lives.

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Toxic people are good for you (w/Vera Bambi)

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