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  • I have to say you had experience in your career, you've had a lot of wonderful experiences.

  • But I happen to know that you when when Selma was coming out, you had the opportunity to screen this very beautiful and powerful movie for President and Mrs Obama at the White House on.

  • I'm trying to imagine, um, what that must have been like to go to the White House and and screen this project for them.

  • And and it sounds like it would have been in very beautiful and kind of very memorable evening.

  • It was completely surreal if I'm totally honest because for so many reasons A it was doing this film, which was about voting rights in a situation where we now had a black president.

  • Um, but also it was the Centenary.

  • It was 100 years since the first time a film had been screened at the White House, and that film had been birth of a Nation, the very racist film that became a recruiting tool for the Ku Klux Klan.

  • And so to be screening Salma there with a black president under those circumstances was truly surreal.

  • But one of the X Truly extraordinary things that that happened that night was way spin the film.

  • We had this dinner and then we were in the White House and myself and maybe 33 other people were invited by Barack Obama into this room where the Gettysburg Address was in a glass cabinet and he took us into to look at it.

  • And I kid you not the most incredible thing happen.

  • He started reading it.

  • Wow, Andi e don't know if you've ever had a moment like this where you know you're you're going about your day.

  • It was always always, you know, extraordinary to be in the White House anyway with Barack Obama.

  • But then suddenly you go.

  • I'm literally in one of the biggest moments of my life right now.

  • Take it in, Take it in, take it in.

  • And he started reading the Gettysburg Address and he read the entire thing on.

  • It was just so mind blowingly moving to me to be there to experience it on git was it was one of those stories that you know that even as I say it to you, I can't believe it.

  • Quite.

  • It happened, but moving.

  • Yeah, but As you know, I just did this film with George Clooney the midnight sky.

  • And I told him this story because George is famously a raconteur full of stories, and I'm okay.

  • I'm gonna I'm gonna whale out one of my one of my one of my big ones.

  • Andi.

  • I told him this story and he goes, Oh, yeah, Barack.

  • Yeah, he did that to me, Theo.

  • Exact same thing.

  • You the exact same thing.

  • Yeah, he read the whole thing.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • My world just just sort of great it It turns out that this is something President Obama did all the time.

  • It's, like, a bit.

  • It's like his little his little thing.

  • He does?

  • Yeah.

  • No, it would be great.

  • So, like, someone would show up and say, Mr President, I'm just here from direct TV.

  • I'm here toe and fix the cable.

  • Come on in here.

  • Come on in.

  • We're gonna go to the Lincoln Bedroom.

  • I'm gonna read you the Gettysburg Address.

  • Okay?

  • I'm all right.

  • And then I'll connect the cable exactly exactly.

I have to say you had experience in your career, you've had a lot of wonderful experiences.

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