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  • U.

  • S officials have said this presidential election was the most secure in American history, rejecting President Donald Trump's repeated claims of fraud.

  • Here's what the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency said in its statement.

  • Right now across the country, election officials are reviewing and double checking the entire election process prior to finalizing the result.

  • Then, in clear, bold font, the statement goes on, there is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes or was in any way compromised.

  • It ends by saying, We can assure you we have the utmost confidence in the security and integrity of our elections, and you should, too, when you have questions, Turn to election officials as trusted voices.

  • Well, that's attempt to draw a line under theories of fraud and conspiracy comes as China has sent its congratulations to the man it now calls President elect Joe Biden his Our North America correspondent.

  • Peter bows the most secure election in American history, the verdict from senior U.

  • S.

  • Election officials refuting the president's claims that there was widespread voter fraud.

  • A top committee overseen by the Department of Homeland Security has concluded there's no case to answer.

  • Barack Obama, who campaigned alongside Joe Biden, his former deputy, has now added his voice to the growing criticism of Mr Trump over his false claims of election fraud.

  • They appear to be motivated in part because the president doesn't like to lose and, uh, never admits loss.

  • Uh, I'm more troubled by the fact that other Republican officials who clearly know better are going along with this are humoring him in this fashion.

  • Um, it is one more step in de legitimizing not just the incoming Biden administration, but democracy generally.

  • And that's a dangerous path.

  • Senior Democrats are urging the White House to acknowledge Joe Biden's win, saying the president elect should be given access to the security briefings that Mr Trump gets every day.

  • The unease felt that Mr Trump's continuing denial of the election result has prompted the elders, a group of senior world figures founded by Nelson Mandela to condemn the president's behavior.

  • Theo tragedy is that the United States has always bean the supporter of the strong advocate for democracy and for adherence to the will of the people.

  • When the votes are counted, you would you accept that on DSO we do see it as being, you know, serious for the United States in the short term, but also very worrying internationally because it's obviously something that autocrats and, you know, bad leaders are rejoicing in there, just laughing.

  • And they're saying Who talks about democracy?

  • Look at the United States.

  • Apart from playing golf last weekend and one official engagement to mark Veterans Day, Donald Trump has confined himself to the White House since the election, venting his anger through social media.

  • Peter Bows BBC News, Los Angeles I'm joined now by CBS News correspondent Deborah Al Verone in Washington.

  • Deborah Mr Trump isn't just tweeting, is he?

  • There are legal challenges underway.

  • Remind us where he's at with the numerous challenges.

  • Yeah, Philippa.

  • There's about six battleground states where he has several like more than a dozen or so challenges to the election.

  • And and the thing is that we're looking at thes and really, they're interesting.

  • I'll tell you about one of them.

  • There's a lawsuit in Pennsylvania that says the voting there was unconstitutional because it was a two tiered system and the two tiers are walking in and casting your ballot and mailing it in.

  • So a lot of these things are being thrown out.

  • There are still some that are making their way through the legal system.

  • Millions of dollars are being spent on these lawsuits, but at this point you have to wonder the viability of these legal challenges.

  • And we're hearing also that there were several people that advisors to the president were telling CBS News that really, there's no viable legal point path at this point overturning the election and that the president's coming around to that.

  • Still, he hasn't conceded.

  • We don't know if you will, and that is troubling to many people.

  • Perhaps it's not so much a legal strategy is a political strategy.

  • It keeps grievance, anger, perhaps loyalty alive.

  • Well, it's interesting that you say that there is a lot of loyalty regarding the president with the people who he surrounds himself with.

  • And certainly Republicans here are still backing the president.

  • Many of them not all of them, um, many of them think that Joe Biden, the president elect, should be receiving those daily intelligence briefings.

  • See, that's the thing is that if he doesn't receive those those briefings, what happens is he's going to be a little bit more behind when he does take office on January 20th.

  • And you know he's already been in the White House.

  • He knows how the White House goes.

  • He can do a lot of the stuff that he needs to do without that formal transition being signed off on.

  • But we are in a global pandemic.

  • There is a vaccine that needs to get out to lots of people.

  • And if he's behind on understanding what's going on with that and he doesn't have access to these different federal agencies, you know that that could be an issue.

  • And certainly we don't want anything toe get in the way of getting that out to the people who need it, especially when we're in this global pandemic and the numbers are just rising and rising.

  • So it sounds as if there are concerns that the machinery of government is is somewhat under threat from what looks like quite a messy transition.

  • Well, and also, you know, like you heard in that earlier piece their former president, Barack Obama, was saying, you know, this is an attack on democracy.

  • Really.

  • Uh, there are many Republicans who are standing with the president in saying that, You know, we need to let these legal challenges continue their way, and certainly that's what the law is.

  • Therefore, let's be let's be clear if you have something that you wanna wanna bring to it, absolutely.

  • But also, we're looking at them and still not seeing that that there is any widespread voter fraud.

  • You know, there's lots of different things that the president is tweeting about, one about either between tens of thousands of votes and two million votes that could have been switched.

  • And there's just no evidence of that at this point.

  • And even so, let's say there waas and there's two million votes were still not looking like that could overturn the election.

  • So, you know, you've gotta wonder how long this is gonna play out, and we're just gonna have to wait and see.

  • We'll keep watching and waiting with you.

  • Debra, thanks very much.


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US election security officials reject Trump's fraud claims - BBC News

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