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  • Please give me one second.

  • Hi, this is Bill, and I just want to tell you about a moment of culture shock that I had when I first came to Korea.

  • This happened many, many years ago, but one time I had only been in Korea for maybe a few months to three months.

  • Something like that.

  • Well, I was walking down the street one day.

  • It's kind of a busy street.

  • There's many restaurants, many people, very busy area.

  • And there was one restaurant, very big restaurant.

  • It was kind of the raw fish restaurants as they see them everywhere.

  • The kinds that have all the different aquariums out front.

  • And they have the different kinds of fish.

  • You know, in this one, this one, they have squid, things like that.

  • Okay, well, at this restaurant, um, I noticed it was very busy at the time.

  • There many people inside the restaurant eating, and well, as I was walking by, I noticed one of the servers goes into the kitchen and tells the people who prepare the raw fish.

  • There's like they talk at each other.

  • Kind of They're talking kind of shouting very loud, but then the man from the kitchen.

  • He comes out in the front of the restaurant because all the aquarium's air in the front is like on the road so people can see them, you know, So people know this is fresh fish, and I love fresh food.

  • I like that.

  • If I goto a fish restaurant, I know that the fish is very, very fresh.

  • But just this one time I noticed that the man from the kitchen, the chef who cuts up the fish, he comes out and he goes to the aquarium that has the biggest fish, the biggest fish they have there.

  • I'm not sure the name because I don't know much about fish, but the fish was about this big, all right?

  • And while the man he just takes his hand just reaches his hand into the aquarium, he just grabs the fish by the tail and just takes the fish out.

  • Now I think he's gonna walk into the kitchen, put the fish on the table, take his knife and just give it a quick chop on the head.

  • Fish is dead, ready to be cut and served.

  • But know this man, he just grabs the fish at the tail takes it out and then he just slams the fish on the ground about three or four times.

  • Just whack, whack, whack, whack.

  • And then he holds the fish like this.

  • So it's hanging here.

  • The fish wiggles a bit and then he just goes again.

  • Whack, whack just on the ground, right there in front of the restaurant.

  • After two more times, he just holds the fish up like this.

  • The fish doesn't move.

  • Then he walks into the kitchen and starts cutting the fish.

  • I mean, I was surprised, very surprised, very shocked, because that's a very violent way to kill a fish, because I think it almost it wastes more energy than just taking a knife and cutting its head off like I don't know why he would want to just take that and violently hit the fish on the ground.

  • So again, that's my culture shock story.

  • From my first moments in Korea, I haven't seen it happened since, but at that moment I didn't even understand what was going on.

  • So I hope you enjoyed my story.

  • Have a good day.

Please give me one second.

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Culture Shock Korea: Killing Fish

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/13
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