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  • I always been funnier than Dre, but my mom's water broke.

  • I was funny.

  • She went into labor.

  • She wasn't crying.

  • She wasn't screaming.

  • She was left.

  • Doctor said, What's wrong with hard?

  • She said, I'm having fried.

  • I'm just saying I'm just saying If they don't work out with me and this ***, I'm gonna get me a white man.

  • Do you ever think about how different your life to be Had you stayed together?

  • It just didn't work out.

  • I broke up with him.

  • Yeah, I'm happy where I'm at.

  • But you must think about it sometimes.

  • Yeah, every fucking day.

  • I mean, girl, I used to get mad at him for playing PlayStation.

  • What?

  • That shit was that?

  • If I don't know how successful he was gonna be, I would have built him my own PlayStation drain.

  • Funny.

  • You know who funded Andrey?

  • Nick Cannon?

  • That motherfucker.

  • Hilarious.

  • Put your top five.

  • Who's your top five?

  • Slick?

  • Rick Kane.

  • Rakim.

  • Girls.

  • One biggie is my fifth man.

  • And Jay Z is my sixth minute.

  • Would you write any jokes, man?

  • Yeah, I would.

  • I would, but see everything up here with mine.

  • My top five is Jay Nas, Scarface, Scarface Because everybody got their shit from Scarface.

  • Rock him, rock him, rock him!

  • And then I might let biggie get in once his mother died.

  • Man, it changed the lives.

  • He ain't.

  • You wanna be funny more.

  • He's like he was a different trade.

  • My top five.

  • Nice iced tea.

  • Iced tea.

  • I see a fucking hell No.

  • Six in the morning, police at my door, Fresh Adidas squeaking across the way.

  • Started drinking, young man, He was like, 12 years old.

  • You get old o e cans and cut him out and make gold t fight of my six minutes l l Cool J o show show.

  • Hey was funny.

  • A drunk.

  • Everybody's funny or drunk.

  • You'll see open trunk.

  • She's hysterical.

  • Once he stopped drinking.

  • Once the *** stop getting already with the forties, you Something was gone like 95% was gonna stick was bugged out.

  • You think he's funny now?

  • You should have seen him in a pissy staircases time.

I always been funnier than Dre, but my mom's water broke.

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