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  • Hi.

  • I'm Knuckle the Mahajan and I'm the choreographer on Mira Boiled Detective.

  • I'm here at my studio NDM, Bollywood dance Studios and I'm so excited for the new the volley episode.

  • So in celebrating the valley, I wanted to teach you some steps that we see Mira and her friends Dio I hope you like the steps and I hope you join in tow, learn them, clean the house and decorate brand new clothes to celebrate.

  • So much to appreciate it Divide really the first time I love to teach you is called up and down Pony and Mira and her friends do it in every episode way are on the case of the missing oil We're on the case.

  • We're on the case.

  • We're on the case.

  • Here's how we start Take your right foot and put it on the ball of the foot And now take your left foot and keep it completely flat.

  • And that's the beginning of how you start off.

  • Here's how this works.

  • Take your right foot, lift it up and hit the floor and push yourself up and then bend down with your knees when you go down.

  • So that looks like this up and down, up and down, up and down.

  • Let's take a closer look on this ball on the right and your left That's gonna be flat and you push off the floor and then you bend down with the left leg, Push up and go down You go up and go down, up and down, up and down.

  • Let's find in a circle up and down, up and down, Down This is the up and down pony.

  • Now why don't we do the footwork?

  • Here's how our arms are gonna look like bring your arms to this guy in her hands can be comfortable That means they're not really any shape it all and the brand new shoulders up and down, Up and down, Shoulders up, Shoulders down, Up and down, Up and down Up And Gail So we combine this with footwork is going to look like this Up and down, up and down, Up and down, up and down This run in a circle After that pony after down.

  • Tony, this is the up and down pony step and we see Mira do it in every episode and she loves this step.

  • And I hope you do too.

  • We're on the case.

  • We're on the case.

  • We're on the case.

  • This next step is called the snap kick, and we're gonna see this step in the mirror of the Bali episode.

  • So here's how we start.

  • Lift up your right leg and you're going to kick out and bring it back in, kick out and bring it back in kick.

  • Okay, kids kick.

  • Now, while we do that, our arms We're gonna be working as well that we're going to snap our fingers and we're going to cross with your left arm on top and right underneath instead of going across.

  • And then I'm cross cross and uncross, and both times you're gonna stab snap here and stop here.

  • Yeah, so let's combine it with the upper body and the lower body.

  • So we're gonna go kicking.

  • Stop kicking.

  • Stop kicking.

  • Snap kicking.

  • Snap, snap, kick.

  • 1234 five, 678 You can do for you as many as you want.

  • And we're gonna actually see this as a set in the episode for the volley.

  • Can't wait.

  • So maybe when you see Mira do this step, you join into music.

  • Laughter fills the air special moments that we share its device Another step that we're going to see that the volley episode called Calling step and it's just upper body.

  • You're gonna bring your hands flat like this and just Kroll your fingers in and then release them back up again, curling man.

  • And release that and we do it on the other side as well.

  • Curlin and Release Curlin and Release is that you're calling someone?

  • Hey, we'll be here.

  • Hi, how are you?

  • Hi.

  • So it's just like you're calling someone to come to you now I'm gonna add some shoulders to this so your shoulders and your fingers curling in combining on that together, it's gonna look like this shoulder, huh?

  • The calling stuff.

  • And you can do it by looking at each corner.

  • Or you could look straight.

  • You could add the shoulders and that makes it extra fun.

  • Singing and singing well, like the lights again, it's everyone, It's everywhere.

  • It's this'll is my favorite step from a volley episode Our meat, our royal detective And here is how we do it.

  • Take your fingers and connect them like this.

  • Now, after that, what we're gonna do is gonna place your arms just like this.

  • So you have your hands that are bent by the risk and then place your hands on one side of your body and now push across.

  • Now the fun part, we get to flip it and now pushed and swipe to the other side who continue that switch.

  • Push Lippett Hush.

  • That's gonna happen two times.

  • We're gonna go one side, flip it the other side After that, place your hand to your hip and step up with your leg and then make a big circle with your arm went all the way around And this hand that I use, I call this the Lotus.

  • You're gonna take your fingers and just spread them across and you're gonna look up and then you're gonna look straight.

  • So let's combine this now, So take your fingers, connect them, push the side, push one more time Hance your hip and lotus arm around with the leg to the side.

  • And this is such a beautiful step and you'll see why when you watch the video.

  • Because when Mira does this step and this and she goes around, she's actually lighting these beautiful candles around her.

  • Let's try music.

  • Yeah, Mira, what's your favorite part of the valley?

  • Oh, Chiku.

  • There are so many amazing things about the value.

  • Clean the house and decorate brand new clothes to celebrate.

  • So much to appreciate it.

  • The volley Bringing together our family and friends young and old were all leering Favorite you singing and singing We'll light the lights again.

  • It's everyone, It's everywhere.

  • It's finally colors, patterns everywhere.

  • Musical after fills the air Special moments that we share It's the volley singing and singing We'll light the lights again.

  • It's everyone, It's everywhere.


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