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  • These are white cakes, their traditional Chinese pastry from the southern province of Guangdong.

  • And this bakery in Hong Kong has been making them fresh every day for over 30 years.

  • It's fluffy.

  • When you bite into it, it starts to flake off.

  • And then the inside is sweet and it all melts together in your mouth.

  • My name is William Cheung.

  • I'm 32 I'm the golden errand boy for the key to kick shot.

  • Is that your actual title?

  • It's my official title.

  • You can think of it as a manager.

  • You feel more important if you cause color manager.

  • But my mom like to call him an errand boy.

  • We sell traditional Chinese pastries.

  • Cow ears, uh, chicken biscuits.

  • It's coconut tarts.

  • Guangzhou Banks Wife cake, smaller Seoul Hospital.

  • So Okay, so we're making wife kicked today.

  • Traditionally, a wife cake was made because the guy wanted a feel for his wife.

  • So we made a cake and we ate it.

  • A sweetness reminds him off his wife, and somehow he wants to spread it around, which is weird.

  • Actually, there are several origin stories, and this is just one of them.

  • Anyways, back to making wife cakes.

  • First, we create the base of the skin.

  • We mix flour, lard, water, sugar and a little bit of oil together where belt it together with a lot of arm strength.

  • We rub it vigorously, too great, have more bouncy and stretchy texture on.

  • Then we let it rest for about 30 minutes way.

  • Roll it out and we put in a another layer off lard and flower in between the sheets on, and then we fold them and we lay it out.

  • We told them we lay it out.

  • It's like how, even for songs, But instead of using butter, we use large laying out makes the whole pastry puffs pumping, so when you bake it, it'll be layered on.

  • Then when you bite into it, the layer flake off, and that gives the pastry profits signature style for the filling.

  • We use sugar, flour, water, oil and other flavor enhancing stuff to make it better.

  • And then we add off course.

  • It makes it different from the ones you eat outside.

  • Our fillings are less mushy than the ones outside.

  • After that, we put the filling in the skin.

  • We put it all together, and we roll it out.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • Egg wash gives us a shine and the brown coloring so it looks better way.

  • Make a hole in the middle of the wife cake to prevent the pastry from bulging into a big fall, and then we put in the oven.

  • It bakes for about 5 to 8 minutes, depending on the temperature of we bake it and we sell it.

  • Wait, you're not using any holes in your flower.

  • You're not measuring way.

  • Measure things out, but it's more about the feel off the dough.

  • The humidity changes, the temperature changes.

  • We can't just use the same measurement every time.

  • They have been doing this for more than 30 years, so they know by look, just by luck, they know how how the dough is turning out.

  • It was like, Oh, yeah, you need more water.

  • There were like, Oh, you need to rub a little harder They say there's a sheen to it.

  • I don't see it, but that's why my pastry falls apart.

  • Everybody is trying to create new things to attract new customers.

  • Way focus on the traditional side.

  • We don't do extra things like bread or fancier things, like muchacha or pumpkin spice People come and they know what to expect from the store.

  • You feel much better when you see it come off.

  • And you see the guy having it over his head is like, Yeah, fresh cakes.

  • You will kill you.

  • Uh, uh.

  • Process is part of the pastry.

  • You know, this is made by hand because it's crooked.

  • You can see the filling peeking through the walls.

  • It gives a sense off dancing made like human touch.

  • That just sounds wrong in English.

  • No wives are harmed during the production off wife takes.

These are white cakes, their traditional Chinese pastry from the southern province of Guangdong.

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Hong Kong's Best Wife Cakes Haven't Changed for 30 Years

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