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  • E A for welcome to the Alfa Arena for the Alfa Blocks.

  • Games are two teams are about ready to go.

  • First up, cheer and chant for the reigning champions.

  • C h Okay, on going up against them S h mhm Alfa blocks.

  • Are you ready?

  • Andi, Round one.

  • It's a big event tonight.

  • E have s h got the brains to beat the chumps.

  • It's too early to tell Bebe.

  • Let's see how this first round turns out Mhm.

  • Oh, but show a terrific technique.

  • We'll see.

  • HB ableto top that.

  • Oh, shoot.

  • Oh, tremendous.

  • With first round goes to C H.

  • Time now for round two.

  • Reap The trick with this event is not to look down.

  • Yeah, Chip.

  • Breath taking off.

  • T h th Okay, please.

  • Mhm.

  • Uh huh.

  • Thirsty.

  • Thanks.

  • A What's the matter?

  • You look thoroughly upset.

  • It's not fair.

  • Jeez, Gardening bees playing bass.

  • Kay's got his football.

  • I've got nothing to do.

  • Not a single thing, Nothing to do.

  • Nothing.

  • We'll make something for you.

  • I'm in.

  • Mm Uh huh.

  • Mm thing Nice.

  • But what is it?

  • It's a Well, it's Ah, it must be Ah thing.

  • Don't you know what a thing is no.

  • Then we'll show you.

  • Okay.

  • A thing is Oh, it's got these It's using nothing But we'll get you will get up Oh, yeah it's got It's got breath it's got it's got height It's got brings the hold out for weddings in flight from the north to the south To get a list of the West Thing is a thing that can do things the best way Go on.

  • No, Go on No, go on way Can't just sing any old thing We need to sing a singer Mhm Oh mm Show everybody needs something Thio That's more like it Everybody needs the sun to shine In spring Everybody needs a song to sing along Thio Yes, Everybody needs a song to sing a bell and a clock and slap about But with us The bell can ring Ring, ring, ring booth I can sing I can sing If you want the bell to ring If you want They're about to see Oh, you have to agree You're going to need n g You can walk up and down with your head In a crown with us You can be king on the king The bell on your bike and be your shiny as you like with me.

  • Oh, you have to agree.

  • You're going to need engine.

E A for welcome to the Alfa Arena for the Alfa Blocks.

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A2 ring ring ring alfa bell mm breath

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