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  • take a look at these images.

  • Now take a closer look, E You do what you want.

  • One.

  • But human here he is, blending into the Coliseum in Rome, into the Great Wall into a field and even a supermarket aisle.

  • Has anyone ever walked past him and gotten spooked way?

  • Know what you're thinking?

  • This looks really cool.

  • But why is he doing it?

  • Jon Mateos in town?

  • Uh um, you know so good.

  • And for good and, you know, functions.

  • Trump, You go.

  • Uh, so you can see how you could be.

  • You could tell there.

  • In 2000 and five Lewis working in an artist village in Beijing called Sorta twin, it was considered Asia's largest cluster of artists, working and living together.

  • You was a e jump in Thailand.

  • The city argued that the artist village was built illegally and ordered of studios to be demolished.

  • Don't you?

  • You don't find Uco.

  • From then on, he started using camouflage as a form of artistic expression and to spark conversations about social issues.

  • Just, uh, you find a thin.

  • His 2000 and 11 piece, he disappeared into a supermarket display after a scandal involving classes, sizes in food products broke out in China that Yeah, you know, your kind of you.

  • Thank you for coming.

  • Which is you can just Okay, while you is not as well known at home, his work has meat ways abroad.

  • Liu has even caught the attention off international brands.

  • He's done campaigns fallen, Ben, Valentino and Dylan.

  • He even collaborated with the famous French artist Jr to make the loof and themselves disappear in an optical illusion.

  • This'll his plans came to a screeching halt.

  • Thank you.

  • Russia.

  • Uh, $2 which in your case, you're a putting doctors.

  • So one day and she said you know what?

  • The machine in use, you know, it's a change of power.

  • Thing is how he came up with his newest project.

  • Do you know what?

  • I don't words.

  • You pay a booking for a beautiful three down here.

  • Depending on how complicated a background is, you can take him anywhere from a few hours to 30 days that little patients showed you the hana.

  • You're a fine, even creo how you hold your what?

  • Bitch?

  • What China will.

  • Then you go meet for what?

  • You should be home in a video booth Holly.

  • You know, you can do it here through the booth travel.

  • You have a little bit.

  • So does he try to totally blend into the background?

  • So, r e you just look good And a booth for me or he here, Booth.

take a look at these images.

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Real-Life Invisible Man Paints Himself to Disappear

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/13
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