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  • I'm a frog T b I kind of live twice I start is an eagle squishing nice bobbing in the water waiting for the day when I hatch and shout out Hey, use my tadpole tail to swim and dive of breathe water through my gills to stay alive Next I grow one leg and then one more than another two So I end up with be in my second stage of life Now I've been transformed I've got new loathe love to drop it and take it Family talents are truly surprising Work up on mesmerizing Like the pebble toad Whose nifty skill is the curl into a ball And roll down a hill On the glide in tree frog Who went in pursuit for its out his toes to make a parachute The class frog is totally see You could see its inside if you need to Types of drug over 4000 strong and part of a bigger group Where we belong with salamanders newts, Sicilians to allow me to welcome Once you start helping No stopping truck.


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B2 frog pebble nifty glide stay alive aquatic

Andy's Aquatic Raps | Frog Hopping | CBeebies

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/13
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