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  • in an effort to stop the spread of Cove In 19, people everywhere are practicing social distancing, living and working remotely.

  • In New York City, bars and restaurants have been ordered to close their dining rooms and serve take out and delivery only.

  • But just because New Yorkers air stuck inside doesn't mean we can't still enjoy the great food this city has to offer.

  • Here are 18 of the best places to order take out while self isolating.

  • Bobby's has been operating in TriBeCa since Thanksgiving Day.

  • In 1990 what began as a pie shop has turned into menu loaded with American comfort foods.

  • Bobby's most popular item is the James Beard pancakes topped with crispy fried chicken.

  • So the chicken is brined for 24 hours and you can tell it is so incredibly juicy and then pairs perfectly with pancakes.

  • Because the pancakes are sweet but not too sweet.

  • They have a little bit of syrup on top of them because why not mhm?

  • In the Lower East Side bordering Chinatown Malaysian Coffee Shop Co.

  • Pity, um, cooks generational family recipes like Malaysia's National Dish Nasty Lemack, which includes rice topped with fried peanuts.

  • A handful of country fried anchovies and a housemaid, spicy chili sauce.

  • The menu also includes a hearty soup called upon me with hand pulled noodles, mushrooms, fried anchovies and pork and pull it Inti mounds of sticky, rice colored blue.

  • Buy flowers grown in Malaysia in slightly Sweden with coconut sugar before being wrapped in a banana leaf for a perfect snack.

  • If you're hungover from last night's a video chat Happy hour, there's no other option but to eat a bagel sandwich.

  • Black seeds Bagel sandwiches are what bring people in but the pizza bagels or what keeps people coming back?

  • Black Seed has locations throughout the city, from Midtown to Tribeca and even one in downtown Brooklyn, and will be giving away warm bagels from 2 p.m. To 3 p.m. Every day for displaced food and beverage professionals.

  • Abba serves Mediterranean in Turkish dishes like doner kebab.

  • While it's often used interchangeably with the sandwich of the same name, Abba dishes out the more traditional plated version.

  • Doner kebab is traditionally made with pieces of lamb or beef cooked on a vertical rotisserie.

  • As the meat rotates on Lee, the outer layer is cooked through in the perfect piece is sliced very thin before being placed on a bed of rice, lettuce and cabbage.

  • Israeli superstar chef Elshani runs his internationally popular street food restaurant is known from two locations in Manhattan.

  • It dishes out hot pita filled with fresh vegetables and meat.

  • Also, try the whole roasted baby cauliflower, lightly rubbed with olive oil and sprinkled with a generous helping of cell gree.

  • It's the flavor profile that you never expected from cauliflower, and it's more than cauliflower even ever thought cauliflower could be.

  • It's delicious.

  • If you're looking for the most iconic soul food in the city, don't despair.

  • You can get Sylvia's sent straight to your living room.

  • Open for 58 years in Harlem, Sylvia's is known most for its ribs, which are seasoned by hand, then brined for 4.5 hours before baking.

  • The meat is completely fall off the bone tender.

  • They're still so incredibly juicy.

  • Want something a little less hardy.

  • Sylvia's other bestseller is a stack of waffles in fried chicken or a side of Mac and cheese.

  • A bit of a local chain melt chops for Manhattan locations specialize in all things gooey melty cheese, the classic grilled cheese starts with two kinds of extra sharp cheddar layered onto buttered fresh or washers bread.

  • The sandwich moves open, faced through a conveyor belt oven to ensure the cheese is melted evenly.

  • Then the two cheesy sides air joined together for the perfect cheese pull.

  • Tomkins Square Bagels is a staple spot for the city's favorite carb.

  • Seven days a week.

  • The shop makes the bagels fresh from scratch, hand rolling each one before their kettle boiled and oven baked in sandwich form, it's stacked with cream cheese, fresh tomato and a heaping pile of locks.

  • While you may not be able to travel right now, that doesn't mean you're stuck to the standard New York slice.

  • Detroit style pizza is square.

  • It's dense.

  • It's covered inch by inch thick cut pepperoni with locations in the East Village in Chelsea, the pizza at lines and tigers and squares starts in.

  • Agree.

  • Stop Square Pan doe is topped with Wisconsin brick cheese and baked.

  • Then comes the tomato sauce and loads of thick pepperoni before it's baked once more.

  • The result is a thick, gooey slice with caramelized cheese on every single edge.

  • Whoa!

  • Champs Diner boasts 19 fifties nostalgia with a menu to match the twist.

  • It's all vegan, even the Reuben I'm Gonna Get Down and Dirty E thistles, something I love to eat in my bed.

  • Watching TV E Theo Classic Diner sandwich begins with Satan, sliced thinly and brined overnight in a mixture of pickling spices and powdered beets to give it a pungent corned beef flavor into bright red color.

  • Yemen Cafe serves traditional Yemeni food in Bay Ridge.

  • Each and every week, the restaurant orders 35 to 40 lambs to make its signature dish.

  • Lamb beneath the lamp is seasoned with paprika, cumin, curry, pepper and salt, then cooked for four hours.

  • It's then served with rice or Yemeni flatbread called molowa.

  • New York icon Defar.

  • A pizza stands out from other New York pizzerias with its imported Italian ingredients and the signature drizzle of olive oil and fresh basil on a freshly baked pie.

  • It's gonna be hard to get just one slice of this.

  • Not family knows how to make a pie.

  • Emily is a multi location pizza shop known for wood fired pizza with fresh toppings.

  • The colony is a crispy crusted pie topped with pepperoni in pickled chillies.

  • It's baked than doused with hot honey.

  • Arguably better than the pizza is the Emily Burger E Want to Stop Eating by Theo Patty is dry aged beef topped with graft and cheddar, a slew of caramelized onions and the super secret Emmy sauce and topped with a pretzel button.

  • Just make sure you ask for extra napkins.

  • With three stores across Queens and one in Manhattan, Chip will deliver fresh baked ooey gooey cookies straight to your couch much bigger than I was expecting.

  • It is literally the size of my hand.

  • The real magic of a chip cookie lies in the inventive in nostalgic flavors like peanut butter and jelly or smores, which is graham cracker cookie filled with chocolate and covered in marshmallow queens.

  • Comfort in a story on doesn't just do a burger.

  • It is a burger that's topped with deep fried bacon and powdered sugar for the sugarhill burger.

  • Slabs of bacon are coated in a pecan crust before frying.

  • The beef patty is topped with melted cheddar and blue cheese is smothered in mayo and honey sprinkled with powdered sugar thin topped with a toasted bun.

  • Then it's time for more powdered sugar because these are trying times.

  • City Somali Cooks Up Family recipes brought from Mexico straight to this Bronx based kitchen, homemade Macedo is spread thick onto corn husks thin, topped with traditional tamale feelings like shredded pork, chicken or cheese.

  • He's really remind me of the tamales my grandma would make every Christmas when we would go and visit her in New Mexico.

  • And to satisfy the sweet tooth City.

  • Tamale offers suite of varieties like Oreo, a pumpkin Casa Della mozzarella is home to the self proclaimed King of Mozzarella.

  • It's known for hand pulled mas, along with other freshly made Italian meats and cheeses that, when stacked on one another, create the best Italian sandwiches in the city.

  • The casa is fresh mozzarella, of course, topped with prosciutto di Parma sun dried peppers in balsamic glaze on ciabatta bread.

in an effort to stop the spread of Cove In 19, people everywhere are practicing social distancing, living and working remotely.

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18 NYC Restaurants To Order Takeout And Delivery From While Social Distancing

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