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  • did Latinos helped Joe Biden win the White House or nearly cost him the U.

  • S election?

  • Well, it turns out, both are true.

  • Biden beat Donald Trump among Latinos by 2 to 1.

  • Ah, critical margin.

  • But it was the president who increased his share of the Latino vote compared to 2016, and that was crucial in key states.

  • Democrats sort of thought that the Latino community would naturally be drawn to their party.

  • Given the negative rhetoric by Donald Trump, Everyone thinks that if you're Latino, your Democrat in your for open borders, I don't I don't see that.

  • But a lot of Latinos got most of them that I know got here the right way.

  • And so we care about a lot of other things other than just immigration.

  • Nicola Hood used to be a Democrat, but he says the party has changed and it's values no longer align with his personal beliefs.

  • There's literally nothing in common.

  • Nothing, I mean, from how you treat the flag toe, whether you stand up for the anthem for the family unit, whether we wanna respect the nuclear family unit to abortion, to immigration, to taxes, to whatever in Texas.

  • We have primarily Mexican Americans, traditionally conservative, uh, traditionally consider themselves more American than they do.

  • Uh, Mexican, I guess.

  • Here the saying of the border crossed us.

  • We didn't cross the border rings.

  • True, Democrats hoped they could turn Texas blue in 2020 but conservative Latinos helped keep it read.

  • In Florida, where almost half of Latinos voted for Trump, it was Cuban and Venezuelan Americans who proved decisive.

  • I feel like I was immediately oppressed for saying that I supported Trump.

  • My parents came to this country with nothing, and they were able to create amazing life.

  • Socialism is not the answer to our nation's problems.

  • These communities come with different experiences.

  • They come with different acculturation.

  • Is different beliefs about how government should intervene in their lives.

  • But in Arizona, where immigration is a bigger issue, Biden did perform much better despite criticism that he didn't do enough to reach out to Latino voters.

  • I found 902 but I haven't seen a 33 so without toe activists to get out the vote.

  • This is a community that is progressive.

  • It is a community, particularly in Phoenix, that is 1st and 2nd generation And so the message of immigration resonated with that community, and they went to the polls and show their support way.

  • All remember 2016.

  • We remember the feeling.

  • I remember that feeling.

  • I literally have goose bumps thinking about that day.

  • I wasn't able to vote, so people were like, Well, you didn't show up to vote was like I couldn't Yeah, Thistle.

  • Election has proved that the Latino vote, with all of its diversity, really matters on that.

  • Politicians should never take it for granted.

did Latinos helped Joe Biden win the White House or nearly cost him the U.

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US election results: Why did so many Latinos back Trump? - BBC News

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/13
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