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  • What do you make of what Bruce Arians said about Mike Evans being open?

  • Well, I mean, look, if he was open or not, that don't matter.

  • You got out, Coach.

  • Be a And it started on the sideline like it was head games being played early in that game, and no one could ever adjust.

  • And instead of trying to push the ball 20 yards downfield, what about some quick, easy outlets?

  • What about some screens?

  • What about Do what the Saints was doing?

  • Potentially that could have helped you in the football game.

  • The rush was all over Tom Brady.

  • The offensive line did not hold up well.

  • It's hard as hell to see your wide receivers wide open if you ain't got time to see him wide open, so there should be no look.

  • Some of this is Tom Brady's fault.

  • He's not absolved from how bad and poorly he played as well.

  • But Bruce Areas and Byron Leftwich damn sure didn't help him play better, either.

  • So before we look, we have been down this road before, would be a.

  • He calls players out.

  • That's what he does.

  • They have a level of respect for him But this ain't the time to call no players out if you go back and look at that film and see how you got out, Coach.

  • Mhm.

  • I wanted to come in today and spend most of my time praising the Saints defense because they deserve praise.

  • How about my boy Trey Hendrickson.

  • Marcus, You know, I've been on that, um, all season, unlike Bruce Arians.

  • But the second and you guys know you guys know this about me The second they threw not one, but to go line face.

  • Oh, no.

  • I had to come for the coaches on.

  • And I got to come for all the coaches, right?

  • Because, Marcus, you laid out some of the mistakes they made on offense.

  • I think some of the target distribution is was a re Elish you for Tampa Bay, by the way, not getting their better players involved, but also on defense.

  • Okay, Todd Bowles has had a great season.

  • How are you gonna play?

  • Ah, soft zone against Drew Brees.

  • That is like walking into a playground with a kick me sign taped to your back.

  • It's not what you do best.

  • I was befuddled by their game plan.

  • on both sides of the ball.

  • And while the execution was lacking as well, Tom Brady didn't play well.

  • Some of the Bucks secondary didn't play well.

  • Coaching was bad.

  • I agree with you guys and let's so we've all pointed out like the players haven't played well.

  • And this is a team that the players, for a great majority of this season, half played really well.

  • At times, they've been dominant.

  • So that's why it is unequivocally about the coaching staff.

  • I want to talk about the offense to start.

  • OK, so you go into this game and there's no Alley Mark Pet, one of the better offensive lineman that you have.

  • You're going to get the good defensive line.

  • And so number one your thought process should be.

  • What's the best protection plan for us?

  • How do we make sure that we can protect against this front?

  • First of all, don't put your rookie tackle on play one against Cam Jordan, meaning you talked about the defense 16 snaps in the first half.

  • Yesterday they played zone against Drew Brees.

  • Eight.

  • They played man.

  • You know what Drew Brees does better than anybody move defenders with his eyes you know what defenders can get moved in with eyes in zone coverage.

  • This game is 100% on the coaches for Tampa Bay, and you have to adjust throughout the night as we were watching the game and talking to each other about it.

  • We're like, Man, it feels like Drew Brees has all the answers to this test.

  • Not the same could be said for the Bucks.

  • And listen, Adam, we all on this show picked the Buccaneers to win the game.

  • I mean, it's no secret that doesn't go well for the team that we picked when we all pick the same team.

  • But what did you make of last night's loss for the Buccaneers?

  • We'll stop the parade.

  • Everybody has been talking about a Super Bowl in Tampa.

  • It was gonna be the biggest home game that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had in over a decade now.

  • First Sunday Night Football appearance in 12 years and everybody, I think, got a little bit ahead of themselves.

  • We saw all the experts picking the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and I think the New Orleans Saints feast off that last night.

  • They love the fact on ESPN on NBC.

  • Everybody's picking the Tampa Bay Buccaneers except New Orleans.

  • Offensive line played better.

  • It's defensive line played better, and Tampa Bay got swept up in the excitement of getting Antonio Brown.

  • And they're having all these newfound players.

  • They got school last night, and that team now needs to turn it around.

  • And that's not the place you want to be midway through the season.

  • Laura.

  • Yeah, it's interesting.

  • The Bucks actually ran the ball just five times last night.

  • That's the fewest ever recorded in a National Football League game.

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What do you make of what Bruce Arians said about Mike Evans being open?

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