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  • I want to know who you think is the most physically gifted prospect in this draft.

  • James Wiseman.

  • I've said it all year.

  • If you are building an MBA center in a lab, he is exactly what it would look like.

  • He's close to 7 ft 175 wingspan, 9 ft six standing reach.

  • That's up there with DeAndre Jordan close to Rudy Gobert and he moves like a wing.

  • I mean, he's incredibly agile.

  • He's light on his feet.

  • He's an excellent rim runner, has potential defensively.

  • He can cover a ton of ground on that end of the floor, so he's really like a ball of clay on.

  • Lee played the three collegiate games N b A teams still trying to get a feel for what he's gonna look like at the next level when he's gonna be able to help you.

  • But in terms of the sheer physical ability, I mean, he's really, really impressive.

  • So you're tall already.

  • For me, that kind of ones that kind of height reach, it's just it's like fantasy land.

  • We have heard Wiseman's name a lot with the Golden State Warriors.

  • If he's still available at number two, do you think that's a good fit?

  • I think that'd be great for him personally, because that allows him to focus on the things that he needs to be great at in the n.

  • Beto have a long career running the floor, catching lobs, protecting the rim at a high level.

  • And then there wouldn't be so much pressure toe go create offense and be this top three.

  • Pick those air things that he's still trying to improve.

  • So I think that would be perfect for James Wiseman.

  • Now, in terms of their perspective, they're used to playing small.

  • They had so much success with Kevin Durant and Draymond Green.

  • So if you go get a center, how does he fit into that?

  • I know that they want to get more athletic.

  • We've heard Steve Kerr say it publicly.

  • He absolutely gives them that.

  • I do think the idea of drafting Wiseman and viewing him as may be the most ah valuable trade asset would make some sense for them to We're going to draft him.

  • We're gonna canvass the league and see what we could do with that right?

  • And and look to You have to look at who the competition is in a particular year.

  • They went small because that was the competition.

  • Who are they were facing when they were winning those titles?

  • The defending champions of the L A Lakers and their big right there, big inside?

  • And so you might think we do need now some height to compete with them.

  • Who do you think is the most versatile prospect?

  • It's Denny Avea.

  • He's also the best international prospect in this draft.

  • He's just a shade under 6 ft 10 £225 and he could really play anywhere from point guard to power.

  • Forward has the size of kind of a traditional power forward, but you'll see him take in transition.

  • The bounce passes through tight windows.

  • He can play a little bit in pick and roll.

  • So he's kind of that Swiss Army knife type of guy who really fits the modern MBA right?

  • The 6869 forwards are really a queen on a chessboard.

  • That's exactly what teams are looking for.

  • And so when we talk about the versatility of the Golden State Warriors, Adia is really the guy who exemplifies that, and I'm a big fan of his game.

  • He's very MBA ready.

  • He's coming from Maccabi Tel Aviv, Euroleague, not to the same level as Luca.

  • Don Check, but he averaged 15 minutes a game.

  • He was a valuable contributor there, and I think he's gonna be a Day one starter in the Queen on the chessboard.

  • That is a great analogy.

  • I love that.

  • Who is your biggest sleeper in this lottery?

  • Tyreese.

  • Can we have a sleeper?

  • You guys have been talking about this last year and a half, I think.

  • Outside of the top five, the top three, it's Tyree's Halliburton at Iowa State.

  • I love this kid's game.

  • If he didn't get injured, played only 22 games this past season, injured his wrist, fractured his left wrist, he would be in the conversations with Obi Top and as the best player in college basketball reminds me a little bit of what we hoped Lonzo Ball would be coming out of U.

  • C L.

  • A highly unconventional game doesn't handle it too much.

  • He's a ball mover, great passer, funky jump shot.

  • It's almost like he's teeing up a drive and ripping it down the fairway like very, very strange mechanically.

  • But one of the best shooters in the draft high, high I Q.

  • And his teammates really gravitate toward him.

  • So another guy I think, would fit really well with the Warriors if they ended up moving back in the lottery.

  • Obviously, in that lottery pick range, we had Terrace on the show and he said, I'm much on my jump shot.

  • I'm like my jump shot goes in, He said, The ball goes in and that is in fact, what matters, Mike, thank you so much.

  • We're really looking forward to your special tonight.

  • Prospect to pro.

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I want to know who you think is the most physically gifted prospect in this draft.

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