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  • the celebration may have stopped for Democrats in Washington, but there's still that warm glow of victory.

  • The Democratic Party went into this election more united than they've seen for a very long time, but they didn't come out that way.

  • Battle they were united on was beating Donald Trump.

  • Now that one is one.

  • Other battles have begun.

  • The expectations were set so high that anything below that blue tidal wave was gonna cause some frustration.

  • There's no doubt about that, and that's what you saw in the caucus column over the weekend.

  • You look at in corn apart in 2020 to call involving much of the congressional Democratic Party was explosive and widely leaked.

  • Abigail Spam Burger is a centrist Democrat.

  • She only just held onto her district in Virginia, blaming the left of the party for scaring her voters.

  • And we need to not ever use the word socialist or socialism ever again because while people think it doesn't matter, it does matter.

  • And we lost a good member because of that.

  • Ellen Patera, her husband, Rob, and mother, Viveca, a centrist Democrats.

  • They voted for Joe Biden because they want to moderate.

  • I'm hoping Biden is at the center.

  • That's what I'm counting on.

  • I wanna be able to sit down with my Republican friends and my Democratic friends and have a conversation, and I feel like we've lost that in the last four years, and I hope that Biden's able to bring our whole country back into conversation with each other.

  • You've got to compromise.

  • You know you can't always get your way.

  • The Democrats are gonna have some good ideas.

  • The Republicans are gonna have some good ideas.

  • But what's really important is that they can agree on what needs to get done and then compromise and figure out.

  • You know, the best way to do that.

  • Joe Biden sold himself to his party as a deal maker, someone who in his long career has got on with everyone.

  • This could be important, since it's likely the Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, will still control the Senate.

  • Joe Biden will be pushing for whatever he can get done within the context of the Congress he will be dealing with.

  • If progressives don't understand.

  • We didn't win the Senate back yet, right, and we still might.

  • But if we don't David, you can't ram through a bunch of stuff.

  • When they're in the majority, it's a it's That's the reality of a democracy.

  • That's the reality of getting things done in Washington, D.

  • C.

  • But many progressives who marched this summer shy away from the horse trading of the past.

  • They believe Joe Biden Compper sue a radical agenda if he's prepared to take his case to the people they want him, for example, to appoint people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to his Cabinet.

  • Even if the Republicans refused to confirm their appointments, Zach actually helped run Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign.

  • If he spells out what his vision is on and and get explains why he needs people like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, I think those people will get confirmed and and if and he shouldn't just give up.

  • If the Republicans say I know what he should do is he should start going around the country and campaigning like crazy, whether he does it from his, you know, from the basement of the White House on Zoom or whether he you know, whether he actually goes around and starts doing rallies again.

  • He needs to fight for it the coalition that Joe Biden and his party put together at this election was impressively broad.

  • It included rural voters like Ellen Patera and her family.

  • A swell as those in the city's, keeping them all corralled together and happy.

  • Once the governing starts, well, that's gonna take some wrangling.

the celebration may have stopped for Democrats in Washington, but there's still that warm glow of victory.

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How can Joe Biden keep the Democrats' progressive wing on side? - BBC Newsnight

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