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  • Yeah, I mean, doesn't have that much longer left on his contract.

  • I think just a couple more seasons, Zach first, is that correct?

  • To more?

  • I believe after 2022 he could be a free agent.

  • And what is your reaction?

  • Zach to Kendrick, saying that James isn't even picking up the phone for members of the rackets organization.

  • Little news there perk.

  • Nice news breaking.

  • I haven't personally heard that I've heard.

  • I've heard kind of murmurings of things like that, and and I don't know whether that's on James, whether that's on the organization, whether that's because of the upheaval that's happened.

  • I mean, he and Daryl Morey had a good relationship.

  • He and Mike D'Antoni had a good relationship.

  • Maybe some of that is playing into it.

  • But maybe Perkins speak to what's going on there because I haven't really heard that today, when you hear the members of the organization, players aren't picking up the phone for some of the key guys, including the owner as a player, what does that mean to you?

  • I think that there's a big disconnect because I think you know a lot of their vision, especially when it was Daryl Morey.

  • He was the one that said, we're gonna lean into the strength of you guys on.

  • We're gonna trust in this friendship you have between Russ and also James.

  • And so now you have this absence, this vacancy, a vacuum of power, and we're seeing a lot of things.

  • A lot of dynamics.

  • You can look in Brooklyn where they're leading heavy on the opinions of stars.

  • And I think the Rockets stars sort of want that same ability to be able to say, Hey, we're building together from the jump now that this is a new start.

  • But it seems like the communication hasn't been there from the jump since this transition has started.

  • Yeah, And look, perk.

  • We heard.

  • And we talked about this with you on the show that these guys did have some voice in the Silas higher.

  • But it's much broader than that, of course, and sort of what kind of franchise they wanna be.

  • Do you see them perk as someone who is a championship contender, which is obviously Russ and James is standard.

  • Well, to be honest with you, Rachel, look, I think silence is a good addition for them I strongly know that James Harden and Russell Westbrook wanted tie loop, but the front office and ownership chose to go another direction.

  • That's one thing.

  • Second of all, I think I strongly believe Well, I noticed that James Harden and Russell Westbrook wanted to us say, And who was gonna be the next GM once there are more decided toe walk away.

  • So there was a conflict and confusion in itself, and I think that's what started to smoke right there and where smoke is fire.

  • So right now, James and Russ don't have time to wait.

  • You know, these guys were getting up in age, you know, they're they're peeping, you know, towards the end of their prime and they wanna be involved and rightfully so.

  • Look, James Harden took the Rockets and made them relevant again.

  • This is a guy that has led the league in scoring every single year for the last three years has been in the VP conversation has made them a contender.

  • He deserves to be in every single conversation that's going on with the organization, and I mean every single high, because the G M and James Harden need to be on same on the same page because James Harden and there are more had that relationship with their arm or will goto James Harden and say, Hey, what do you think about it?

  • Jeff Green.

  • I like Jeff Green.

  • Let's sign them.

  • Low risk, high reward.

  • That's the relationship that you gotta have with your franchise players and right now is not there for the Rockets.

  • Well, look, it's because of that relationship between Daryl Morey and James Harden that Russell Westbrook even end up in Houston and we know the contract he's on.

  • We just saw the numbers up on the screen.

  • Zack.

  • If Russ or James do decide, they want out and again, Tim and we'll just story said they have not gotten to that point right now.

  • But we'll see.

  • Is Russell Westbrook's contract tradable in your mind?

  • I mean, anything is trainable.

  • The Rockets traded for it, but I haven't found a team that really makes sense.

  • There's been some rumors about the Clippers at the Knicks in the last couple days.

  • Let me address those.

  • I don't think the Clippers are interested in Russell Westbrook, and I actually would be surprised if the Knicks were too I think the Knicks are projecting more patients, uh, than people thought.

  • Of course, that could always change.

  • It's the Knicks.

  • It could change at the drop of a hat.

  • There's probably some people who are are less patient than there.

  • But one thing I would like to say should they made sure they made a great point that the Rockets air spinning and spinning and spinning right?

  • It was Dwight.

  • It was Chris.

  • Paul now was rust.

  • At what point do we start to ask you like, Why are they spinning all the time?

  • What's the common denominator there?

  • Is there a shelf life that other stars have to playing with James?

  • Or is there a shelf life to the style of play that they have chosen?

  • Or is it just that that that was Darryl's eh?

  • Mode, like spin, spin, spin?

  • One thing doesn't work.

  • Let's move to the other thing.

  • But she's right.

  • They have spun between identities.

  • Ah, lot, and it feels like they've kind of hit the end of the spinning process.

  • For now.

Yeah, I mean, doesn't have that much longer left on his contract.

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James Harden is not answering calls from the Rockets - Kendrick Perkins | The Jump

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