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  • Hello, I'm John Russell today.

  • Let's continue our review of vowel sounds.

  • We will practice with the ER sound, which I talked about in previous videos.

  • Think of her as a very flexible vowel sound.

  • It is flexible in the sense that it can be spelled many different ways.

  • Part of the challenge of learning to read and speak English is knowing when to use the ER sound.

  • Ah, quick review The er vowel sound ca NBI spelled with the letters e R E a r I are oh, are Or you are notice that all of these spellings have one or two vowels before the letter R.

  • So let's practice.

  • I will say a sentence and you should listen for the er sound count.

  • How many times you hear it, then I will give you the answer.

  • What were the first few words that you learned in the sentence?

  • I said the er sound four times were first words learned.

  • Let's go to our second practice question.

  • I learned the verb e in all of its forms.

  • In the sentence.

  • You heard the earth sound two times learned verb.

  • Here's our third sentence.

  • I heard some new English words When I was at work, I said The other sound three times Heard words and work.

  • That's all for today.

  • Keep up the good work.

Hello, I'm John Russell today.

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How to Pronounce: Review of /ər/ sound

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/11
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