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  • Hello everyone my name is Kortney Force and I'm a part of the a ACX

  • content creation team I'm currently in my final semester of the business marketing

  • program, but recently we've switched to online. Now, I know adapting to working

  • from home can be difficult, which is why I'm presenting to you five tips to make

  • working from home more enjoyable.

  • Let's get started!

  • Instead of looking at the news, listen to music.

  • Take a moment before jumping into your daily tasks.

  • Have a very comfortable workspace. This is what I've put together.

  • I found an old table in my basement storage and I've brightened it up by adding some plants

  • and candles for when I want to be in the zone. I also like sitting beside the

  • window because it brings natural sunlight and tons of positivity for me

  • as I work throughout the day.

  • Now that you have a comfortable space to work in I recommend scheduling breaks

  • into your daily routine. Tt's just as important to take care of yourself while

  • you work. I recommend doing things like calling your friends or going for a walk.

  • M y fourth tip to you is for you to eat healthy. It's easier to snack throughout

  • the day while you're working from home right beside the kitchen, but try to meal

  • prep some healthy foods that'll keep your mood up and your immune system strong strong.

  • My final tip to you is to stay positive. I know it's hard. Things are changing so

  • fast, but with change comes opportunity, so practice adapting, practice socializing

  • reach out to your friends and make the most of the time you have at home.

Hello everyone my name is Kortney Force and I'm a part of the a ACX

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