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  • a short while ago.

  • Vice President Now Elect Kamala Harris sent this tweet with the caption.

  • We did it with a video off her.

  • Speaking to the next president of the United States.

  • We did it.

  • We did it.

  • Joe, you're gonna be the next president of the United States.

  • Joe Biden is going to be the next president.

  • Kamala Harris is going to be the next vice president.

  • The first female vice president on the first person of color to be a vice president of the United States.

  • Remarkable background.

  • Jamaican father, Indian mother.

  • They both immigrated to California and she was born in California.

  • Became attorney general of California, Senator from California on now, Vice President elect of the United States, Laura Trevelyan is in black lives.

  • Matter Plaza.

  • It is right outside the White House in Washington.

  • Laura, I know that you have lots of barricades between you and the White House.

  • Are you getting any sense at all of what's going on inside those barricades and inside the White House?

  • I know they're celebrating like crazy out where you are.

  • Have you heard anything about what's going on inside the White House in the campaign?

  • I cannot barely hear anything at all casting.

  • But I can tell you that he was happening within the six inches of six inches around May, which is wild, wild celebrations, people crying, people singing horns, honking champagne corks flying, people trying to scale the fence.

  • Thio celebrate The fact that Donald Trump is going to be leaving the White House and joining me now are two people who voted I've got here, Lauren Alien that Clinton Lauren, Tell me, how you feeling at this moment A little bit sad that so many people didn't vote for Trump, but mostly just released that.

  • Now we have a chance to try to repair the damage that happened over the last four years.

  • How about you?

  • How you feeling?

  • Pretty much the same.

  • Just a sense of relief that we can finally move on from four years of Trump.

  • But again, like Lauren said, like, I don't know how 70 million people voted for Donald Trump.

  • It doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but I'm excited to be able to kind of move on from the past four years.

  • What do you say that you hope J.

  • Biden is gonna bring to the presidency.

  • Long way can finally start, um, getting people on the same page about, like, the fact that all of this so many people believe that there are trotting our system when there's clearly been proven to be like no fries.

  • So I just hoping that there's like an education of people.

  • If you are still a complete we split in four eyes waken.

  • Maybe I'll finally get to the same foods.

  • Matt, Do you think now that Joe Biden has won the election, that alone talk about electoral fraud and lawsuits will recede a bit into the background?

  • E.

  • If we've learned anything from Donald Trump, it's that he's not gonna give up from this.

  • He's gonna push this fraud issue as hard as he can, but he has no basis for it.

  • I mean, there's been literally no evidence that any fraud has taken place anywhere, and I think that the legal system will show that, um so I'm hoping that our institutions can kind of prevent any true issues from coming up, but I don't think he'll just let it go.

  • But way know that Joe Biden is the winner.

  • Matt and Lauren.

  • Thank you both.

  • So much for joining us.

  • Appreciate your time very much.

  • So there you go to relieved and happy Joe Biden supporters who were just hoping Patty that Donald Trump will accept the results.

a short while ago.

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Kamala Harris: 'We did it Joe' - BBC News

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