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  • my David Dough brick deep fake Ticktock went absolutely viral.

  • I'm Nick Anderson, and this is how Deep Faked David Dover.

  • I've been creating special effects videos for about seven years now, and I used to post them unbind.

  • I was always a huge fan of Zach King, and he's the one who inspired me to start creating my own videos.

  • I had always heard about deep take videos, but I never really thought to create my own.

  • And so I said to myself, Well, it can't be that hard to make them right friends that I was wrong.

  • This was my first time ever attempting something like this.

  • I was going into this completely blind.

  • Since I had no experience with making deep fake videos, I had to turn to the Internet for help.

  • I remember I spent days searching how to even begin on this project.

  • Before I even started, I chose David Debris as the subject of the video for a couple of different reasons.

  • I wanted to choose somebody who ticktock viewers would instantly recognize, and everybody knows David for a deep fake to be effective.

  • It helps if the two subjects looks slightly similar to each other, and I think we dio.

  • So I thought up this little mini plot to include in the video.

  • So the video shows me getting up and seeing this random black hat on my night stand.

  • And David is known for wearing his plain black hats, and the hat ends up being the thing that transforms me into David From my close to my face.

  • It took way longer than I expected to make this video.

  • I think the entire process from start to finish took over a week.

  • I spent a few days researching how to even create a deep fake video.

  • I spent five days actually running the program to make it.

  • And then I spent another day editing everything together into the final cut.

  • The actual process behind deep faking is pretty in depth.

  • The general idea, though, is the program takes the appearance of a source face and the position of a destination face and kind of combines those together for the program to be accurate.

  • It needs a lot of data from the source face.

  • Luckily for me, David Space pretty easy to find.

  • I downloaded a bunch of his vlogs and fed all the footage into the program.

  • Then the program tries to recreate the faces on its own.

  • At first, the results look terrible.

  • It was like some sort of blurry, alien, distorted face.

  • But each time it tries to match up our faces, it gets a little bit more data and it becomes a little bit more accurate.

  • I end up running the program for over five days, and it matched up our faces 280,000 times.

  • Once I was happy with the result, I was able to just drop into my video and edit it all together.

  • E Yeah, yeah, What's up, guys?

  • So sick?

  • Because an amazing app that helps you buy tickets and literally the easiest way possible.

  • I've definitely got some mixed responses on the video.

  • So on one side we've got the people who thought it was amazing and super cool.

  • And on the other side, we've got the people who said the video made them feel uncomfortable, which I could understand.

  • Seeing someone's face morph into someone else's is pretty weird.

  • Out of the 8500 comments that the video has, I'd say probably 75% where people just tagging David on it.

  • Overall, it was an awesome learning experience.

  • And I had a ton of fun throughout the entire process.

  • Mhm.

  • Yeah, yeah.

my David Dough brick deep fake Ticktock went absolutely viral.

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