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  • now in Vienna.

  • 14 people have been arrested in connection with last night scan attacks in the city.

  • Four people were killed in the shootings and other 22 were injured.

  • When a gunman described as an Islamist terrorist by the authorities, they're fired into crowds of people at six different locations.

  • Theater AC took place in the city center, where people were enjoying a last night out in restaurants and cafes before the coronavirus locked down comes into force.

  • Our correspondent Jenny Hill is in Vienna with the latest for us.

  • Yes, this city has for so long enjoyed a reputation as a safe place, immune apparently from the kind of Islamist terrorism that storm through so many other European capitals last night.

  • ALS that changed.

  • Austria is now observing three days of national mourning following the attack which targeted the very hard of this city.

  • Violence, confusion On the streets of Vienna, right?

  • People fled as shots were fired on armed police raced to secure the city.

  • It was the eve of a Corona lock down.

  • Many had gathered for a last night out in a city with a reputation for safety, just heard shots everywhere and the police helicopters were flying around us, and we got really afraid.

  • So we decided to hide ourselves in the restaurant, caught on camera, a man thought to be the perpetrator.

  • This rabbi told us he looked out of his window to see him shooting, apparently at random.

  • I saw the attacker with a long weapon, a rifle or gun, Um, running around shooting at people, um, targeting people sitting outside the bars and pubs, which are lined along the street just days after terror attacks in France.

  • Another country mourns its dead among the victims.

  • An elderly man and woman, a young passer by and a waitress.

  • Others.

  • Aaron Hospital, critically injured.

  • The hunt for suspects continues.

  • Detectives have made several arrests, but attention's focused on the 20 year old gunman shot dead by police last night.

  • The shooter, Waas, born in Austria, Hey, has a migration background from northern Macedonia.

  • Andi he waas in prison because he's a supporter off the Islamic state.

  • But of course we will have to find out the details in the next days.

  • Vienna's streets quiet today.

  • Fear on Corona has brought the city center to a near standstill, but more it's a doctor told us he felt compelled to do something.

  • It's really hard to show that you're grieving because, like nobody should be outside on.

  • I want agree if I want to show it sympathy as you'd expect.

  • There's shock here.

  • There's disbelief.

  • But there's also a sense of resignation.

  • This has become a depressing Lee familiar scenario for Europe, a city center streets which felt safe, transformed in a matter of minutes.

  • The question for Austria now is this.

  • Will last night's attack change the country?

  • And if so, how?

  • For now, though a quiet defiance Last night, as violence raged outside, members of the city's Phylum Onek Orchestra were trapped in their concert hall.

  • They chose, quite simply, to play on Jenny Hill.

  • BBC News Vienna Well In response to the attacks in Europe, both in Austria and in France, the Home secretary here has raised the United Kingdom terror threat level from substantial to severe eso.

  • The U.

  • K.

  • Is now on the second highest threat level.

  • Andan Attack is judged to be highly likely.

  • Minister said that people should be alert but not alarmed.

  • Our security correspondent Frank Gardner is with me and Frank.

  • Let's explain to viewers What's behind this change off level?

  • Sure.

  • Well, pretty much for the moment.

  • This attack started to unfold last night.

  • J Tech, that's the joint Terrorism Analysis Center that sits inside five headquarters but separate from them, started to examine what that would mean for the safety of British nationals, both here and abroad.

  • On they looked at the pattern of attacks that we've seen in Europe in the last few weeks.

  • Three deadly jihadist attacks in France, followed by what's called a marauding terrorists firearms attack in Vienna last night, a gunman walking around heavily armed, picking people off on they concluded that that was enough to push the threat level up from where it had bean substantial, meaning an attack was likely to severe, highly likely.

  • Now, in practice, we're not going to notice a great deal of difference.

  • Remember as well that we're about to go into locked on, which is going to make it much harder for anybody planning a terrorist attack should they be so there's no indication in the moment that anybody is, it makes it harder for them to execute it.

  • What it does mean, though, is that an awful lot of people are going to be online communicating, plotting, planning and possibly fantasizing.

  • There is still more than 3000 subjects of interest that M.

  • I five and the police are following with suspected terrorist sympathies in this country.

  • Frank.

  • Many thanks again.

  • Frank Gardner, our security correspondent, that.

now in Vienna.

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UK threat level raised to “Severe” following “Islamist” attack by gunman in Vienna - BBC News

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