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  • This is how it's done, Grant.

  • Just fucking really The power to change every day.

  • Let's see.

  • Oh, let's go.

  • Mhm.

  • Wow!

  • Just a minute.

  • Not long from now in a galaxy, theoretically exactly where we are.

  • Humanity goes toe war with an alien covenant.

  • So the United Nations Space Command came up with a ton of plans toe win.

  • And one of those was called Project Freelancer.

  • Essentially an experiment using AI to create invincible super soldiers in orderto fabricate scenarios to train these highly advanced warriors, Freelancer opted for a, uh, unique approach, dumping a bunch of losers in a box canyon and telling them they're at war with each other.

  • Enter the red team.

  • Dick Simmons, Dexter Griff, Franklin Delano, Doughnut Lopez the Heavy and their leader Super Colonel Sarge.

  • Yes, that is his full name and rank.

  • You know how they say prejudices taught, not born Well, they haven't met Super Colonel Sarge who have been was screaming how much he hates blue the second he pumped into the world.

  • Attention, blue team, this is the red team.

  • We're here to destroy you.

  • Your long reign of being the shittiest team around is about to come to a sudden cataclysmic in once an orbital drop.

  • Shock Trooper Sarge was unfortunately discharged after developing a fear of heights on Lee to be picked up by Project Freelancer to achieve his dream lead.

  • The glorious Reds against the dirty blues.

  • Uh, man, he's great.

  • He seems like the kind of guy you could just have a catch with.

  • Sure, Sarge, Maybe in Unorthodox Leader.

  • But he knows his men very well.

  • Hey, he's good enough to keep dorks like Griffin Simmons around for 17 seasons, and those dudes spend a lot of time together.

  • It's a complicated relationship, though you may be surprised at their capabilities.

  • Simmons, maybe a brilliant geek like myself, but he proved stereotypes wrong by changing his armored suit in just four seconds.

  • Well, how about this?

  • How did you change so fast?

  • I've always been a fast changer.

  • Milner Armor is designed to be applied by Spartans within a considerable few minutes.

  • This would imply Simmons is 90 times faster than the average super soldier.

  • He's also technically a cyborg, but everyone forgets that these days.

  • Meanwhile, Griff is the laziest member of the team who only cares about pizza and Oreos.

  • He's my favorite.

  • He's also been hit in the nuts more times than I can count.

  • And he's still standing today.

  • That's, um, balls of steel right there.

  • Then there's doughnuts.

  • Easily duped, but always a joy.

  • He's clearly identifiable by his light ish red armor.

  • Where's your eyes?

  • Going bad?

  • That's bank.

  • A magenta donut has shown incredible tenacity.

  • He was once shot through the chest, causing his armor toe lock up, and was left bleeding out on the ground for over a year.

  • But he got better and he's got the best.

  • Through an arm around.

  • He threw a grenade halfway across the canyon, which is over 1500 ft long.

  • And last of all is the team robot who hates everyone.

  • Lopez.

  • Hola.

  • That robot looks like Lopez.

  • Hey, no matter how many times they rebuild him, they could never figure out how to fix that language setting.

  • Oh, well.

  • Hey, I know some Spanish.

  • Um yo como his este perro azure.

  • What are you trying to say?

  • They will cover the blue team next time.

  • Sure, right.

This is how it's done, Grant.

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Red Team Gets Red-y for DEATH BATTLE!

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