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  • Carson Wentz in 2020 so far has been sacked a staggering 32 times.

  • Oh, I know this is.

  • And last year, this dude had been sacked through eight games.

  • 30 times.

  • Very similar last one.

  • Are you hurt?

  • Is that a boo boo?

  • Oh, you're asking.

  • You're raising your hand.

  • I know who that is.

  • Okay.

  • Paid off here after the last one.

  • And this year.

  • Carson Wentz Completion percentage of 58%.

  • Everybody tells me from wideouts like key to quarterbacks.

  • You got to be At least it's 60 for even me to consider you being legit.

  • And in 2019, this other dude was at 59 1% point.

  • Better zoom in.

  • You know, kids Queue was a kid in class who was raising his hand and was like, 00 may!

  • Oh, may he is that person.

  • Since you did raise your hand, would you like to sort of tell us who this comparison?

  • These grisly, terrible numbers that whence has put up compared to who?

  • Last year that put up similar numbers.

  • 16 turnovers of the turnovers, just turnovers, period fumbles, interceptions.

  • Although this guy has been known to throw picks an alarming rate.

  • It would have to be Jamis Winston.

  • He is correct and have have to be.

  • Yeah, have Thio.

  • But here's what I would say, though.

  • You mentioned Sacks.

  • You said he got sacked 30 times, 32 times, 32 for wins, 30 for Jamous.

  • Here's what I would say, though, okay, And this is not getting either one of them out of the weeds, so to speak, um, both offensive line.

  • Tampa Bay's offensive line was not great last year, And Carson Wentz, the offensive line this year, is not great, so you could contribute some of those sacks.

  • Too bad offensive line play.

  • If you think about the time of the Buccaneers, they went out and drafted Talent Thio assure up that offensive line, so let's move forward from there.

  • Carson Wentz has been up and down throughout his career in Philadelphia.

  • Philadelphia Eagle fans in Philadelphia Eagles supporters have a love hate relationship with Carson Wentz.

  • They they thought Carson Wentz would be the best quarterback in the history off the Philadelphia Eagles when they drafted him that he was surpassed Donovan McNabb.

  • I don't think that's gonna happen.

  • I don't think that Carson Wentz is will end his career as a Philadelphia eagle.

  • With that being said, he's had some limited play at the skill position of wide receiver position.

  • They drafted Jalen Rigor in and out of the lineup, Even with all that the Sean Jackson hurt in and out of the lineup.

  • Even with all that, he still hasn't lived up to the number two pick overall and the money and the money they paid him too early.

  • He's supposed to be in a Sam Donald Baker Mayfield type conversation.

  • He shouldn't have been in the Jared Golf $100 Million conversation, although he did play well prior to getting hurt against the Rams to help them advance to the Super Bowl, get home field and get home field advantage.

  • He did do well, then wait.

  • He should.

  • Jared golf being $100 million conversations.

  • Yeah, he led his team to a Super Bowl.

  • He certainly no, I'm just talking about the way he's playing this year.

  • No, he's playing.

  • He had one bad game.

  • He's played well up and he would if he didn't have that one bad game we would be having a conversation about should he be in the M V P conversation.

  • We would be having that conversation about it, but he had that stinker.

  • So it's kind of like get him out of here.

  • But I think Carson Wentz, when you look at it, though for what it's worth, he hasn't lived up to the building at all.

  • Uh, you're not looking to benching.

  • You're not going to do there.

  • Number one.

  • They're in first place and whatever that means within that division, you know, that's what it iss.

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Carson Wentz in 2020 so far has been sacked a staggering 32 times.

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Carson Wentz will never be Donovan McNabb and the Eagles paid him too early - Keyshawn Johnson | KJZ

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