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  • The people from two places are facing similar difficulties while fighting for the same goal, and that is democracy and freedom.

  • We're not afraid to ask questions.

  • We're not afraid to question authority.

  • In recent months, Thailand has seen waves of youth led protests calling for government and monarchy reform, looking very much like the ones we have seen in Hong Kong.

  • Thai activists have been copying Hong Kong protest tactics.

  • While both sides are supporting each other online, they're part of an Asian youth activist network called the Milk Tea Alliance Way.

  • Asked to prominent young activists to tell us more in our similarities between our protests are the flash mobs on how people are coming out of the streets almost every single day to come protest the foot page off umbrellas and helmets.

  • What the pants were astonishing to a protester in Hong Kong because off the emotion invoked by recalling their memories off last year, food here protester with physical clash are less likely to be seen after the pandemic.

  • And I think that's one off the reason why Hong Kong is really care a lot about what's happening in Thailand right now.

  • Our situation in Hong Kong very much the same and thanks to treat er, we know that we are not working alone.

  • I think the second thing that we have learned from the Hong Kong protests is the importance of media.

  • So we're trying to use again Twitter hashtag contacting our neighboring friends the Milky Alliance for help.

  • We even develop a daily assignment for Hong Kong protesters, Democratic supporters to participate on there this frontier.

  • Each day you have got a list off essential trees to comment or retreat to boost protests related content into hot topics following the Thailand movement we connected to share some pi hashtag What we are fighting for is very simple.

  • No matter we lived in Hong Kong, Thailand or any place in Asia freedom and general quality.

  • That's the power to the people and for the people.

  • This very typical Asian stereotype of you know how Asians are quite quiet.

  • We don't ask you don't speak out.

  • This stereotype, you know, is breaking apart due to these protests.

  • Third generation of Asian youth, we're not afraid to ask questions.

  • We're not afraid to question authority in the path.

  • Discussions about the monarchy is a big no, but Now we have broke this bubble.

  • You can see many young generations youth activists, you know, speaking fearlessly.

  • It's very difficult because those in power are not letting go of that power they're having right now.

  • And they can use whatever method they want in Hong Kong.

  • Report Caution against activists are extensive.

  • For example, in the previous few months since the national security law is implemented, Beijing is skin on going after us being stalked by a non private cars or vehicles have been national security Agent trace on me day by this already become part of the, uh for me.

  • When I came out to speak several months ago, my whole family bibliography, you know, was released online and things like that situation in Hong Kong.

  • How the family background off my parents, how the information is being uploaded you some off the website.

  • What is the one main thing that motivates you?

  • What was your end goal?

  • You know, starting since you were 15.

  • Until now, Hong Kong is the place that I born.

  • I live and I love.

  • We hope instead off our future being dominated by the upper class elite who belongs to the authorities alliance or count out of Beijing, we wish to determine our future.

  • We face more and more difficulties when we grow up and with more off the pressure from the authorities.

  • But I would say that the threats could not defeat us like us.

  • Even stronger determination, Daniel.

  • Oh, how especially especially the Giles Wanxiang and high border political issues.

  • Child, on here I tried to learn how to speak in pie, which I try to pronounce Pontus Yushu.

  • And I hope everyone in Thailand can keep on the fight.

  • Thank you.

  • What does that mean in Thai?

  • Eso uh which means keep courage in Thailand.

  • Yeah, but that's my friend told me it's wrong.

  • Uh, put it in the radio anyway.

The people from two places are facing similar difficulties while fighting for the same goal, and that is democracy and freedom.

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Milk Tea Alliance: Thai and Hong Kong activists on fight for democracy - BBC News

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