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  • I don't know if this story is really or fake, but I do know that this story is worth your time.

  • See thousands off years ago, according to religion there, Waas, Babylon, Ah, place where humanity spoke.

  • One language and humans could understand each other.

  • One day they decided to challenge God.

  • So together they built a really tall tower to reach Heaven's.

  • But God was not happy, so he punished them by making them speak different languages.

  • And when humans spoke different languages, all of a sudden they couldn't communicate.

  • They couldn't build and they got stuck.

  • You might think this story is about religion, but it's not.

  • This is about languages, because they are more dangerous than we think.

  • People like languages.

  • Bonjour.

  • Hello, Shalom.

  • They think they are sexy, but in reality they are risky because I believe the more languages we have, the less we can talk to each other.

  • This isn't just the Bible.

  • This is real life.

  • Take Papa New Guinea, for example.

  • It's a country made up off 800 tribes, each with their own unique language.

  • So this country had languages, and because of that, tribes could not communicate with each other.

  • So they fought on Lee after they adopted a simple form off English called pigeon.

  • Tribes were able to talk to each other and build a country.

  • This'll is just a real life example off the danger off languages.

  • Naturally, my friends get offended when I say that the world should have one language.

  • They think this is disrespectful toe other nations and toe other languages.

  • But I disagree on I am not the only one.

  • Someone 150 years ago realize that languages make us fight.

  • So instead of complaining, he went toe work and invented a new language designed to unite us all.

  • And he called It s Paronto.

  • This language is 10 times simpler than a normal language.

  • It takes 150 hours to learn Esperanto.

  • Oh, and it takes 2000 hours toe learn German.

  • The hope off this language is to be universal, so the whole world can speak it.

  • That's why Esperon toe was designed from the ground up toe.

  • Have simple grammar, simple words, simple everything.

  • When I read about this language, I got excited to learn it because this is exactly what the world needs.

  • Something to unite us.

  • I am tired of going to Thailand and not speak to the locals because I don't speak tired.

  • I am tired of going to China and make zero friends because I can't speak to anyone.

  • I am tired off wars happening because off language barriers, if we all speak the same language like I don't know Esperon toe or English or Chinese whatever it is, I am convinced we can build something much bigger than the tower off Babel and we can reach new heights.

  • See you next week.

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  • That's more than a minute.

I don't know if this story is really or fake, but I do know that this story is worth your time.

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