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  • think you're going to find this interesting On the left of your screen is Jamis Winston and the numbers that he had put up last season through eight games of his year, a season in which he had lost his job in Tampa Bay and did not get offered a starting job.

  • Anywhere you look, the numbers on the right are startlingly similar.

  • If anything, they're worse.

  • They are through eight games this season, and they belong to Carson Wentz.

  • Carson Wentz, the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, has put up numbers that are practically identical, if anything, slightly worse through this point in the season than those that James Winston had put up through eight games last season.

  • Now, one of the mitigating factors here is that the Eagles lead the terrible NFC East at 34 and one.

  • But it does not change what those numbers say.

  • Damien Woody, What do they say about Carson Wentz?

  • Carson Wentz is not a good quarterback.

  • You know when you think about the Philadelphia and I'm putting it lightly, he looks like a scrub out there and that that shouldn't be what Carson Wentz is all about because he's too talented player to be playing the way that he's playing.

  • I mean, the one thing that that drives you crazy when you watch him, he'll dio you know he'll have a couple of spectacular place and then he'll he'll follow it right up with a couple of boneheaded places like What are you doing?

  • And then in a division that the Philadelphia Eagles clearly should win?

  • In my opinion, the quarterback is holding them back.

  • The quarterback is clearly holding them back.

  • So listen, if he continues to point like this and greeny, I have already said at some point we could pause.

  • I think we see.

  • We see Jalen hurts in there.

  • You made that your bold prediction on this program before the season began that we would see starts for Jalen Hurts this season, and I will admit that I thought you sounded crazy at the time.

  • It doesn't sound quite as crazy right now.

  • I'd love to hear David Pollocks perspective on this as you watch the situation with Winston Philly, what are you seeing?

  • David?

  • Unfortunately, we all had to watch that on Sunday Night Football.

  • It was the only game that was on watching the Cowboys and the egos.

  • Good Lord.

  • Was it bad?

  • Listen, Carson wins physical tools show up consistently, right?

  • We always see it time and time again.

  • It makes a couple throws you go.

  • Good Lord.

  • I remember when he came in the league years ago, literally, when he was making his M v p run before he tore his knee up.

  • I was like, Good Lord, this dude special playmaking ability to play in the pocket outside the pocket breaks, um, tackles.

  • Now I look at it and I go, This dude's reckless.

  • You're playing against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night news flash.

  • They can't score their atrocious.

  • We know they're not gonna put points on the board consistently.

  • The only way they're gonna put points up is if you help him.

  • And what do you do?

  • You donate fumbles, giving them fumbles, trying to make extra place.

  • You don't just take what they give you.

  • Move the sticks.

  • You're a better team clearly across the board.

  • So I think up here with Carson Wentz is where he's struggling.

  • We've gotta be able to get through things quicker and get the ball out of my hands.

  • It can't be assed much backyard ball scramble around, make plays.

  • Some of those look great, but some of those look atrocious, like Damian what he talked about.

  • So it's definitely pointing down more than it is pointing up with Carson Winston.

  • It's been consistent now for weeks upon weeks, upon weeks with him that has Nick.

  • What do you think?

  • Well, I'm just looking for opportunities to crowbar, my God, back into the conversation.

  • I just remember not gonna name any names, but I remember last season talking, arguing with some people on this show, and they were telling me so.

  • The difference is, Carson makes his team better, and Dak has made better by his team.

  • My how the Dag gum tables have turned because it sure Dag Gum seems like the daggone cowboys are a lot worse without Dak Prescott.

  • And we look at Carson Wentz and everyone keeps going back to that M V P caliber season, the season where they went on a playoff run and won a Super Bowl with Nick Foles.

  • That suggested me that the talent around Carson Wentz was lifting him up much more than he was lifting them, and we look at it now, how the Cowboys look without deck and how the Eagles look with winds and toe wins His credit.

  • They are in a tough situation with injuries on the offensive line into their playmakers, But it seems like they are really, really bad there, really saved by the fact that the rest of that division was bad because otherwise they'd be at the bottom of just about every other division in football.

  • Yeah, that's fair.

  • And just to sort of put a ribbon on the conversation they can play.

  • Jalen hurts if they want to.

  • But Dan Graziano?

  • The contract suggests Carson Wentz isn't going anywhere.

  • No fully guaranteed 30 million this year.

  • 25 million.

  • Next year.

  • There's guaranteed roster bonus for 2022.

  • The kicks in next March.

  • They're married to Carson Wentz.

  • Contractually.

  • God, I wanna be a quarterback man, right?

  • Exactly that way for Carson.

  • That's the That's the message.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

think you're going to find this interesting On the left of your screen is Jamis Winston and the numbers that he had put up last season through eight games of his year, a season in which he had lost his job in Tampa Bay and did not get offered a starting job.

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