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  • you were there.

  • We made out.

  • It was intense.

  • Passionate gave me a sweatshirt.

  • Yes, I noticed.

  • They probably noticed in space.

  • And f y I You look completely insane wearing it.

  • Look, I don't know what buddies doing with you or what you think he's doing with you.

  • You need to move on.

  • You want to talk?

  • All you care about is some scuffle that happened 20 years ago.

  • You lean on that crutch and you lean on excuses, and you and I both know you use this whole thing is an excuse to do absolutely nothing with your life Scuffle.

  • You don't know shit about what happened to me, Okay?

  • Those jocks used to blow during lunch is shattered.

  • My legs bashed in my brains, mangled my cock so that I have to piss and come sideways for the rest of my life.

  • Then they left me for dead.

  • You know things aren't too great down south, I could barely get off by myself, let alone with with another person.

  • You know what's done is done.

  • Can't keep dwelling on the past.

  • Matt, are you fucking kidding?

  • You talk about dwelling in the past Here you are back in Mercury like a loser trying to score with a happily married man.

  • But he's not happy.

  • Okay, so just stop saying that.

  • You're hardly the authority on happiness, Sylvia.

  • You know what?

  • Not it really is a shame that you like this because you know what?

  • If you had a good personality, none of this other stuff would bother people.

  • You know, why don't you use my crutch again as a metaphor?

  • That was brilliant.

  • Alright, that was masterful or oh, you know, um, save it for your little teenage stories.

  • All right?

  • Because God knows you don't know shit about being an adult, was it?

you were there.

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