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  • You stay, even killed.

  • Stay in the moment.

  • What's left right now?

  • Nothing.

  • Some window win for us.

  • It's gotta be better in Game six.

  • Close.

  • The Siri's James goes to the rim once again lays it up on the win himself.

  • Another ring.

  • Rajon Rondo putting on a show in this game.

  • Completely gotten away from Miami, this historic 2020 NBA championship belongs to the Los Angeles Lakers organization.

  • What they respect Laker Nation.

  • Once they respect, I want my damn respect to I mean, the Lakers won so recently that they're still picking up ticker tape in the bubble.

  • Nevertheless, we're joined by senior MBA insider Adrian Were Yanovsky to talk about next season.

  • Last night N b A.

  • Commissioner Adam Silver, on a conference call with the league's GM, said that time's running out for a deal to get done on a pre Christmas start.

  • Well, what's the latest that you're hearing on when next season going to start?

  • Well, those talks have been ongoing this week, and I'm told that this there's a deadline really of days.

  • There's not even a week left right now, uh, to try to get, ah, start to next season with an opening night on December 22nd and training camps.

  • I would start around December 1st, which is obviously less that I'm the way.

  • This is a complicated negotiation with the union.

  • There's more than just the start date of next coming season.

  • There's a lot of financial issues involved because of the pandemic, the loss of revenue by the league.

  • I'm told there's still optimism that they can come to an agreement on starting in December.

  • But as the commissioner told the G M yesterday, uh, time is running out on getting that agreement in place to be able to start up in December.

  • The idea of less than two months before you start another season comes down to something that you just said.

  • Three words.

  • Loss of revenue.

  • What is the financial impact in the N.

  • B A.

  • If the season doesn't start in December, the league has estimated that in the short term, it's a much as $500 million to not start in December versus January and then over an extended period where next season you might have to push back the start again and be off calendar for another year, perhaps as much as a billion dollars.

  • And so the league wants toe have those Christmas Day games.

  • They wanna have a shortened 72 games schedule that is finished in mid July before the Olympics.

  • They don't wanna have to go head to head with the Olympics for television.

  • They want to allow their players to go play, and those are all factors.

  • And if the season were to start in January, you probably would see less than a 72 games schedule on then players.

  • Certainly, their share of that 50 50 split would be even less that have less game checks.

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throughout the highest throughout the laws.

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There's a deadline of days left for the NBA to make a decision on the start of the season - Woj | SC

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