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  • we welcome in ESPN.

  • Senior NFL insider Adam Schefter, Adam.

  • It's always with the Niners, right?

  • Numerous injury questions.

  • They certainly happened today, especially in that secondary, and we know Joey Bos is out.

  • Give us the update, though, on the other side of the ball.

  • And if you can in that particular matchup, just focus on the backfields.

  • Yeah, both teams were riddled with running back injuries handed.

  • The 40 Niners are missing.

  • Raheem Mostert, Jeff Wilson.

  • They have activated Tevin Coleman, so they get him back.

  • They have Jermichael Hasty.

  • They have Jerick McKinnon, who's got some tired legs right now when you speak to the people there and so they will lean on McCain and they will lean on Hasty.

  • And they will lean on Tevin Coleman today without those other two backs.

  • But it is a depleted backfield for San Francisco and few coaches and more creative than Kyle Shanahan about getting his wide receivers involved in carrying the football as well as for the Seahawks, their own running back injuries, most notably Chris Carson, who is listed as questionable with that foot injury.

  • I'm told it's 50 50 that he's gonna be out there and play.

  • It's hard to imagine that somebody that big, that physical is gonna be out there so don't know whether they'll have him.

  • Carlos Hyde is doubtful.

  • Don't think they'll have him.

  • Travis Homer has in the injury, and that could leave fourth round draft pick D.

  • J Dallas as the lone remaining healthy running back in Seattle.

  • In fact, the Seahawks were using wide receivers at running back during practice this week.

  • So they're gonna have to be creative against San Francisco is, well, wow, alright in Seattle's coming off that first loss of the season to the Cardinals on Sunday night, that highly competitive division.

  • So we have the Rams.

  • They're they're looking to keep pace there in Miami to face the Dolphins and Thio Tongue of Milo and his first NFL start.

  • I'm wondering what you're hearing about expectations for his debut.

  • Well, listen a few things to keep in mind.

  • We've already seen Joe Burrow shine in Cincinnati, Justin Herbert Shine in Los Angeles, and the Dolphins believe that the stage is set for two it to do the same in Miami.

  • It's after the bye week.

  • He's had two weeks toe mentally and physically prepared and he's had almost a year since he suffered that devastating injury last season at Alabama that ended his college career.

  • And I think you have to keep in mind this.

  • Hannah.

  • The Miami Dolphins need to find out what they have into it because they have.

  • Don't forget your Houston Texans first round draft pick.

  • They have the first round pick of the Texans, the second round draft pick of the Texas, not to mention their own picks.

  • And so they need to figure out exactly what they have in tour right now to move forward.

  • They feel like they have a player, and it's time to put him out there.

  • It's daylight savings time, and it's also to a time I'm not sure they're my team anymore.

  • I'm just saying all right, and then there's that.

  • I actually think the University of Texas is what everybody in the state of Texas is clinging to right now, because, of course, we have the Cowboys as well.

  • We know about their struggles.

  • They're going to get a look at another rookie quarterback.

  • Drafted 226 spots behind Teoh A.

  • That's Ben DeNucci out of James Madison and they're at the Eagles tonight.

  • That division matchup.

  • What the Cowboys saying about their third starter this season?

  • A quarterback?

  • Well, who would have thought that the fate of the Cowboy seasons would be in the hands of Ben DeNucci?

  • But Dak Prescott is out for the year.

  • Andy Dalton has been ruled out due to a concussion, and now it comes down to the seventh round draft pick, Ben DeNucci.

  • And essentially, here's a player who the stage is not too big for him.

  • He's got Mawr athletic ability than people realize.

  • He's running 46 40.

  • The Cowboys like the way he throws the deep ball, and they're not gonna be afraid.

  • Toe.

  • Let him air it out tonight in Philadelphia against the Eagles.

  • They need to find a way to win.

  • It's gonna be up to bend DeNucci to rally the Dallas Cowboys, who have had a horrendous season so far, especially on the defensive side of the football.

  • Yeah, I mean, two and five start to the season, but of course, they play in the NFC lease so they could actually move back into first place with a win tonight.

  • It's crazy.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

we welcome in ESPN.

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