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  • Of course, we heard from some protestors earlier.

  • There's also a set of protestors in Michigan.

  • Videos went viral yesterday of angry people gathered

  • together, shouting "Stop the count, stop the count."

  • It really unnerved me, until I actually watched the footage.

  • And now, well, I hate to say it,

  • I kind of agree with them.

  • Stop the count, stop the count.

  • Okay, you guys, give me a chance, all right.

  • I'm trying to make a living, okay?

  • Okay, my last victim, she was very heavy in the body, okay?

  • So heavy, her blood type was marinara.

  • Marinara, it's a sauce, a thick sauce.

  • Oh, nothing, wow, okay.

  • Stop the count, stop the count.

  • I just flew in, I did.

  • I'm not tired, I never get tired, nor will I die.

  • Ah wow, you guys are tough.

  • Here's my impression of Al Pacino,

  • if he were what, yes, a vampire.

  • "There's only two things I can't resist:

  • the taste of human blood and a great big ass.

  • Hooblah, hooblah."

  • Nothing, wow, okay, that killed in Transylvania,

  • so is the sun out, because I'm dying up here.

  • (upbeat music)

  • See, there's two kinds of count.

  • Counting the vote, and then, Dracula.

  • (laughs)

  • I apologize.

  • A lot of strain, a lot of stress.

Of course, we heard from some protestors earlier.

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Conan Also Wants To Stop The Count - CONAN on TBS

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