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  • So a while ago, this girl on Twitter told me that there was a cardboard cutout of myself for sale on eBay.

  • Obviously, I bought it.

  • And I had this whole scripted video planned out where I would take the cardboard cut out on dates or have her cats it.

  • But then Corona hit.

  • And because I can't have my crew in quarantine and we didn't finish this video, I decided that it would take an abrupt turn and I would scare my roommates and my isolation pod E.

  • Hey, it's almost 10 right.

  • A Oh, my God.

  • Oh, my God.

  • Pretty soon they were pissed.

  • Can you talk?

  • Yeah, right.

  • Yeah.

  • Sorry.

  • Morning.

  • But I couldn't stop.

  • I realized how much I liked scaring people.

  • So I bought a man.

  • I right?

  • Yeah.

  • And eventually they got their payback.

  • E hate it.

  • I hate it.

  • No way.

  • Should scare Hollywood it.

  • Yeah.

  • No.

  • Okay, so this way realized we had gone too far.

  • And so we did, like a symbolic and also a very literal death of the prank by holding a funeral.

  • Now, if each of you would like to say a word about her, I got my friend Thio place.

  • Um, violin.

  • Yeah.

  • Say what you want about her.

  • She was always around.

  • She was always laughing at us.

  • Never with us.

  • One of my favorite memories of her was when I walked into the bathroom.

  • She scared the crap out of me.

  • Come on, Holly.

  • We're having a funeral look like garbage.

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  • Stay safe.

  • Stay sane.

So a while ago, this girl on Twitter told me that there was a cardboard cutout of myself for sale on eBay.

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I bought a cardboard cut out of myself and scared everyone I love

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/06
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