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  • they should thio tell a female for doing what he did.

  • But I mean, once again we can't judge.

  • A guy is not great because he won one fight to become a legendary great fighter.

  • You must continue to go out there and beat good fighters and beat great fighters.

  • So, Floyd, what what I mean is promoters are siloed with networks.

  • We know who's where, right?

  • So we're not even just asking purely about t a female.

  • Because, of course, you're right.

  • It's difficult for business reasons to cross networks, cross promotion, all that stuff, right?

  • Everyone wants what they want, what we're really interested in.

  • At least I'll speak for myself.

  • I believe Stephen A as well is that the best fight?

  • The best, regardless, just as fans.

  • And you're saying you're willing to sit down with other promoters on different networks and see if those fights can happen?

  • T a female or someone on his own doesn't matter to us.

  • That's very like from the boxing fans point of view.

  • That's what they want to hear.

  • That's I think what we're getting at, not just the most specifically well, my are things is how we work and how we operate.

  • It must make business sense on our side because we know, no matter who can't fight at lightweight.

  • Kate has the biggest name at lightweight.

  • King has one of the biggest names in the sport of boxing right now along.

  • Well, of course you know faras with Canelo because Canelo had, you know, he don't eat.

  • He fought.

  • Floyd Mayweather fought triple G.

  • What for?

  • Who else?

  • He fought the guy at light heavy with over left.

  • Kobe left.

  • So my thing is this.

  • We're all as a right now with the things tank has done and the noise that he's making and how he's selling out arena arenas, He has to be the Assad.

  • Let me let me get to you.

  • Because I understand that you have retired.

  • You're 50 and oh, you walked away from the game.

  • You made a lot of money.

  • But you did make news sometime last year when people were talking about you returning.

  • Now you're 43 years old, Okay?

  • You made more money than any box in history, but I'll be dead if you wanna be on this show.

  • And I ain't gonna ask you, uh, you know, are you.

  • Are you thinking about coming back?

  • Floyd.

  • Money Mayweather with deterrence.

  • Crawford with a Manny Pacquiao still fighting with Errol Spence Jr.

  • Who got in a car accident and God bless God bless him.

  • Thank goodness that he's okay, but there's a few cats in the what?

  • The Weight division.

  • I want to know where your head is that as it pertains to you coming back in the ring if it all possible.

  • Yes, I'm 43 years old and I had a great career, a tremendous career, unbelievable career.

  • My focus is October 31st.

  • Jorvan Tank Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz.

  • Okay, and it's a big event.

  • I would.

  • I agree.

  • Tank is a major draw, I think, in light of Te'o's win against Lomachenko, who the biggest draw is debatable, but we'll see how he does on pay per view e that debatable at all.

  • Cervantes big time.

  • But the point is, I still want to see him against somebody big time tale with the biggest of the big tail in Lomachenko.

  • Did the biggest rating in years loathe the biggest rating on ESPN that you guys talking about?

  • But when we got guys, when we got our fighters because, of course, we got BBC as well.

  • It made with promotional when we're doing fights on Fox and also on show time, we don't have to go out there and talk about the race that we're doing.

  • We're doing four million.

  • We're doing five million, so we don't have to talk about that million.

  • Great.

  • No boxing.

  • Great.

  • You guys, I'm just saying, you guys, you guys are not gonna take nothing away from us.

  • We do great numbers.

  • Does it sound like were trying to take something away for you right now?

  • Well, I'm gonna let you know that you're not gonna take that away from us trying thio way have you on And we're happy to have you on and we're happy.

  • Thio Davis Once again Mayweather promotions we are the past and impute were the past the present and the future of sports and entertainment way will continue to go out there and dominate and beat the best e I love it.

  • We're gonna Floyd back Just todo everything e the Lakers Let me be very, very clear.

  • I don't give a damn what network it is if you are promoted representing Davante Davis, and we're talking about the sport of boxing.

  • You're gonna be welcomed on period.

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they should thio tell a female for doing what he did.

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Floyd Mayweather talks about the business of boxing with Stephen A. & Max | First Take

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