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  • Alright, so I'm on my way to Albufeira and I got on the train safely

  • but it was very stressful because when I got to the station - I left from Sete Rios station

  • which is about 20 minutes from central the Lisbon area I was staying in.

  • Took a cab ride. That was fine.

  • But when I got to the station, there were no signs anywhere

  • that was saying that my train was going to Albufeira or the Faro region.

  • So I was looking around and nothing anywhere.

  • So then I found a station attendant and asked him and he was like, "Oh, that's Line 4"

  • like it was so obvious, hahaha.

  • but... so I went up to Platform 4 and again, looked for signs - anything that said Albufeira

  • Nothing.

  • There was a digital sign that said what train was coming next but it only did it one at a time so... that wasn't there

  • and I arrived about 30 minutes prior to my train time

  • but I saw this elder couple that looked confused too so I started talking to them

  • and asked, Hey, are you guys going on the same train to the Faro region?

  • And they said, "Yes! We're so conused because there's no signs anywhere".

  • And I'm like, I know!

  • But yeah so after... gosh, it was probably like seven trains that went by and finally our train came.

  • And it was a little late too. I think it was about 10 minutes late.

  • So, they're not on time, there's no signs anywhere to confirm that it's your train...

  • you just have to ask an attendant what platform your train is on.

  • But I got the first class ticket and these trains are really nice.

  • I was looking online on Yotube before I came to see what the trains looked like and it kinda looked crappy

  • so I wasn't expecting much but this actually looks really, really nice.

  • I'm very comfortable. There's like a little tray thing here

  • like on flights but bigger and made out of metal

  • A little... I'm guessing that's a trash can. Not sure what that is.

  • A little tray so I might do some work on my laptop.

  • But yeah, these chairs are very nice. Very comfy. I have lots of room.

  • See how nice that is.

  • Oh and they have free WiFi which I haven't even tested out yet so I'm gonna test that out.

  • And it's a pretty long train.

  • Oh and I was worried about luggage.

  • So another thing I was looking up online was where am I going to store my luggage.

  • So they do have luggage racks

  • but it's in between carriages and I didn't want to leave it out of sight

  • so I did get a chain just in case that happened.

  • But luckily, they have overhead space where I can put my carry-on suitcase up there

  • so everything is with me, in sight and all good.

  • So yeah, now I'm just going to enjoy this journey for three hours and enjoy the views I guess.

  • So the guy that checks the tickets came by and apparently I'm in the wrong carriage

  • so I'm not even in my correct seat but he was like, "Don't worry about it".

  • I mean, there's nobody else really on. It's pretty empty so he was like, "Yeah, just stay here."

  • But it's like how do I always get these things wrong?

  • Why can't I do things correctly?

  • It's just, it's so typical me.

  • So here's the bathroom.

  • Tight quarters but a little bit more room than the airplane.

  • It's very, very dark.

  • It's decent.

  • Oh, I guess if you need a plug, they have one here for you.

  • Well, looks like my train journey is about to come to an end.

  • We're arriving probably in about 10 minutes

  • and it went by really fast.

  • I could just relax and work on my laptop...

  • I was about to sleep but I was like, no, no, I want to stay awake and look at the views too.

  • A lot of countryside views.

  • But yeah, it went by super fast.

  • I can't believe it's already coming up on our final destination.

  • So yeah, I highly recommend taking a train if you're going down south or up north to Porto, I think it is.

  • First Class is very nice. 50 Euros. I think it's a really good deal.

  • Oh, I forgot to mention that when you get off the train, be careful.

  • Actually, these was at the Sete Rios station but

  • the gap between the platform and the train was kind of ridiculous.

  • I was kind of scared to go up with my luggage and scared for the children really

  • because there were some children there with their luggage and they were kind of scared.

  • So yeah, just be careful.

  • Uh, yeah, see - that gap is crazy.

  • And you gotta open and shut the door yourself.

  • Bye bye!

Alright, so I'm on my way to Albufeira and I got on the train safely

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First Class Train Ride Experience From Lisbon to Albufeira in Portugal

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    Summer posted on 2020/11/06
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