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  • this episode of Death Battle is brought to you by a joint campaign with A T N T five G and Samsung.

  • That's right.

  • Boom, stick Rusty.

  • This joining forces with 18 t five g and Samsung to kick off an extra special R TX at home event.

  • Seriously, this is super cool.

  • We're putting together a ruby outdoor mural and you can add art.

  • Do it with the mark augmented reality app.

  • Just download the mark app and start creating your own Ruby art room.

  • September 5th through the seventh, art designs will be projected onto the mural wall.

  • You could see yours get the spotlight.

  • If you're on the A, T and T five G network at home, you can access plus mode through the mark app for even higher quality images and the new Samsung Galaxy Note.

  • 20 Ultra five G has some awesome new features.

  • Cloud gaming, virtually no leg and the S pen.

  • This thing has a gyroscope in it for remote control.

  • These people think of everything.

  • 18 g five g requires compatible plan and coverage, not in all areas.

  • Head to 18 t dot com slash galaxy Note.

  • 20 Ultra five g to learn how you can get the Samsung Galaxy.

  • Note.

  • 25 g for free or the galaxy.

  • Note.

  • 20 Ultra five g for 299 99 for a limited time and we'll see you at our TX at home this September to check out what you add to the mural.

  • It's gonna be a blast.

  • Many, many years from now, Earth will be gnome or yep, because these hints aliens, they're gonna drop a bomb that kills everyone and transforms all the animals into Berries.

  • Welcome to Mobius.

  • Homeworld of Sonic Maurice Hedgehog, leader of a gorilla anthropomorphic freedom fighting group at war with the cybernetic empire of Aibo Robotic a k a.

  • Dr Eggman.

  • So, yeah, comic books on it is a little different from the video games.

  • While leading his care Bear Viet Cong in the fight against obesity and male pattern baldness, Sonic became a super skilled fighter, and he wasn't doing it for nothing.

  • Row button, you could turn his entire family into robot slaves.

  • What a Dick Sonic is fast is always, but in this timeline, fast takes on new meaning.

  • He's quick enough to create tornadoes cause after images turn invisible phase through objects and boost past light speed.

  • In the blink of an eye, he can dodge lightning and even move in between the raindrops of a downpour.

  • Look at this.

  • He grabbed water and through it like a baseball in lifting point 0000 A lot of zeros in a millisecond.

  • He can run around the entire cosmic interstate in less than a day, and that's a highway that cuts through the multiverse.

  • How does he get that fast on and off Chili dog diet?

  • I mean, they give me the runs, but not that way.

  • Sonic speed is so impressive that he could even move through stop time.

  • Let me repeat that Time was frozen and he could still move.

  • There is no earthly method of measuring such impossibility.

  • In the words of the comic itself, Sonic speed is incalculable.

  • I know the Argies Sonic Comics can get weird like really weird, But that's just crazy.

  • You call it crazy.

  • I call it chaos.

  • Just like my conception, I'm told.

  • Uh, no, no, no.

  • I mean chaos.

  • As in the chaos force an extra dimensional field of infinite and omnipotence energy.

  • This chaos takes physical form on Mobius in the shape of magical power rings and perfectly hyun emeralds.

  • And sonic loves collecting those rings.

  • By the time he scooped up a billion of them, the gods were so impressed they put him in a book of world records and gave him a permanent force field that makes him wait over than anybody else.

  • That's not all.

  • By gathering a large amount of chaos energy he can transform into the almighty Golden supersonic is then a Dragonball reference.

  • Actually, yes.

  • The supersonic form was originally inspired by dragging picture.

  • It would have been a dragon ball Z reference whiz.

  • And I thought you knew stuff.

  • Actually, Dragonball Z was only the name of the anime.

  • Technically, the super Sand form first appeared in the Dragon Ball.

  • Manga him, huh?

  • Yeah.

  • One day.

  • All right.

  • I'm clean the bathrooms this week.

  • Great.

  • You should get started right now.

this episode of Death Battle is brought to you by a joint campaign with A T N T five G and Samsung.

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Archie Sonic is TOO FAST for DEATH BATTLE?

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/11/06
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