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  • Dan.

  • How likely is it that the Green Bay Packers, who's had issues on both side of the ball from a defensive standpoint as well as trying to get Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams some help at the receiving corps?

  • How likely is it that they make a move?

  • At some point today?

  • They're They've looked at it key.

  • There's no question about it.

  • But it's the Packers, right?

  • I mean, in the end, they love their picks, and I don't I think it would be surprising to see Green Bay make a move to send a valuable ah, high draft pick in exchange for a player they're only gonna have for a couple of months.

  • Look, the name you keep hearing with them is Will Fuller, the receiver from the Texans.

  • This guy's in the last year of his contract.

  • If he leaves and signs elsewhere for a good deal, the Texans, they're gonna get a third round compensatory pick, most likely.

  • So, in order to make it worth Houston's while to move him, you probably have to give a second round or better.

  • Now, you look at the Packers second rounds pretty important for them.

  • They got Davante Adams in the second round.

  • Years ago, they got Jordy Nelson in the second round.

  • The way they like to fix their receiver problem is to draft a superstar in the second round and develop him.

  • So if they make a move, I think it would probably be, you know, smart and targeted and not an over pay for a rental player as much as people might want to see.

  • Hey, Aaron Rodgers needs more help than just Davante Adams on that side of the ball in the Miami Dolphins challenge the Buffalo Bills for the NFC East title.

  • Absolutely, man, there's no question said this on the show here and get up two weeks ago.

  • Watch the Dolphins now.

  • That was before I knew their revenge, benching their veteran quarterback for the rookie.

  • But, you know, maybe the kid can play.

  • They didn't need him toe.

  • They didn't need to ask much of him to win that game the other day.

  • Obviously, weird game that the defense kind of one for them.

  • But you look at the schedule Buffalo has over the next four or five weeks.

  • It is not easy, and their offense isn't exactly clicking it.

  • The way it was in September.

  • So no, I think Miami's legit.

  • They can play a little defense if the rookie quarterback.

  • If Tua can play, then then I think they're definitely in the mix.

  • I'd certainly certainly like their chances better than I like New England's right now.

  • Mhm.

  • Then Jimmy G is going to miss at least the next six weeks.

  • How likely is it that Jimmy G is the quarterback for the 40 Niners next year?

  • I think they'll look elsewhere and decide.

  • See the way the 40 Niners set up their contracts and Jimmy G is no exception.

  • They it's rolling year to year guarantees, and they don't even really have a trigger that kicks in the next years guarantee until April 1st.

  • And that's intentional because that's a couple of weeks after the start of free agency.

  • So a team like the 40 Niners can look at its other options and assess.

  • Can we get a guy in free agency or via trade?

  • Or how is the draft looking for us before they decide?

  • So as was the case this year, I heard you guys talking.

  • They kind of dabbled in the Tom Brady market on decided not to go there.

  • They'll look around at other options again, and it's not crazy to think that they could come back to Jimmy G as their best option.

  • But the way they do their contracts, the way they set up their deals, they definitely allow themselves the option to look at other possibilities at every position, including that one.

  • And you know, this is a player they've stood behind.

  • They traded a second round pick for him.

  • They've kind of put him in an offense that they feel like it is suited to him.

  • And they've seen some good things, including 1/4 quarter lead in the Super Bowl just, ah, few months ago.

  • But when you look at teams and the quarterback position there very often trying to figure out how toe elevate the ceiling, right Thio, get from good to great and allow them to do things that say Patrick Mahomes could do with the Chiefs that win Super Bowls as opposed to just getting there.

  • So that's gonna be part of their calculus this offseason as they assess Jimmy Garoppolo on whether he's the guy to get them where they want to go.

  • Dan, I picked the Minnesota Vikings.

  • The win, the division, the beginning of the year.

  • Obviously, they're gonna do it.

  • Didn't.

  • Doesn't look like they're going to do it.

  • But you also said that they opportunity to make the playoffs.

  • How do you see that?

  • Look, the two and five and obviously that's going to be tough.

  • But they just beat the first place team the other day in the Packers, right with a formula where Dalvin Cook's running all over everybody and it looks like they want to play.

  • So the question is, are they too far buried?

  • And the point I was trying to make in the Overreactions piece yesterday was two and five isn't what it used to be in terms off trouble, right?

  • Because now you have seven teams per conference making the playoffs starting this year.

  • So if you get hot, if you reel off 789 wins in a row, is teams sometimes dio?

  • Then all of a sudden you're back in the mix when it looks like you are now, they've already started selling off pieces there in Minnesota, Janek and Go Kwei, who was barely there now shipped off to Baltimore and you wonder if there even sort of thinking that way.

  • But I thought it was a worthwhile point to make that a team that in past years might have looked out of.

  • It may not be, especially in an NFC word.

  • It might be hard to get to seven in terms of who you like.

  • A Zafar is making the playoffs right now in the NFC.

  • The East is gonna have one team, and maybe some people even think shouldn't have that many.

  • On the West is a jumble of the 40 Niners, that kind of a mess with injuries.

  • So there are spots.

  • And I wouldn't be surprised to a team that looks pretty bad at the midpoint, make some noise over the second half and have a better chance than they would have had in the previous year.

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